25 Hilarious People Who Can Only Be Described As Extra

When we come across extra people we immediately know it. There is something about them that makes everything an adventure or everything a soap opera.

Even though we might roll our eyes when they complain about something, there is a part of us that secretly loves it.

Below is a list of 25 hilarious people who can only be described as extra.

1. Sister Sign: When a sister was coming home from a school trip she was excited to see her family again. But what she ended up seeing when she saw her sister is a sign that congratulated her on her stint in rehab. This is one hilarious sister that can only be described as extra.

2. Friendship: When this girl’s friend got on the ground at the perfect angle to take her photo, she knew this guy was the greatest dude out there. Even though he was seriously extra about the whole thing. Come on, no one needs to get on the ground like that just to take a photo of someone. We have to admit this is hilarious though.

3. Messy Logic: When this girl asked for a paperclip she was shocked where she was told to find it. Even though this guy might be messy he knew exactly where that paperclip was. This is someone who is hilarious at being extra and we love it. This proves that even people who are lazy have the ability to be extra.

4. Daytime Wine Drinking: This woman is on the height of the hilarious extra people list. Someone walking around a store drinking a glass of white wine is definitely a sign that she has had it and wants the world to see. Nothing screams extra like a daytime drinker, especially in public.

5. Dark Turn: When this kid sent a message to his friend it immediately took a dark turn. After being told that he looked sick he sent a sad photo and said that the happiest people are the most broken inside. Talk about extra. Someone give this kid a crown that has extra engraved on it.

6. Drinking Water: When this person stated that they never drank water but only pop they got a reply back that they might not have thought they would. This girl went totally extra on this guy and told him he was going to die. We are not sure if this is a fact or not, and we don’t think this girl knows for sure. But the one thing we are sure of is that she is extra.

7. Building A Burger: When this woman got bored she decided to go the extra hilarious mile and build a burger. Yet this wasn’t a real burger but one online made out of topping that opened on different online tabs on her phone. This must have taken a lot of time and we are sure you’re hungry after seeing this.

8. The Real Jane Fonda: This isn’t a real Instagram account for Jane Fonda but it is an account for her. This person goes through a lot of trouble to maintain a live feed version of Jane Fonda’s life. And with this post, they went extra with taking a photo of someone in the same dress and acting as though it was the real Jane Fonda the next morning.

9. Mommy Love: When this person sent their mom the photo of Kermit hugging a cell phone the mom had to be extra. And that extra was out of love. The mom told their kid that that is what she does when she sees that her kid messaged her. This is hilarious and extra and we love it.

10. Sneaky Teacher: When these students thought they could cheat on their test, they thought wrong. Turns out their teacher was overly extra and snuck into the ceiling to watch which students cheated on the test. Although this is super creepy we can’t help but laugh at this hilarious teacher.

11. Confident: When this girl started comparing herself to a lobster we took notice. But then she went totally extra and stated that she too was a 5-star meal. We are laughing our faces off right now but we can’t help but still question this extra woman and why she went online to tell the world this in the first place.

12. Presentation Arrest: When this guy saw his presentation partner on the news for being arrested he only thought of one thing. That one thing was what he was going to do for his presentation now that his partner was no longer going to be there. This brings extra to a whole other level as well as being hilarious.

13. Vinyl Exam: When this teacher said that students were not allowed to bring in their cell phones to use for music when writing an exam, he meant it. But he never said anything about bringing in a record player to play music. So one of his hilarious extra students brought in a record player and blasted Kanye West during their exam.

Instagram /u/ @kalesalad

14. Love Me Always: This girl decided to tell all those people out there that if they don’t love her at his worst then don’t bother loving her at her best. This is something we all think but we never post it online. And we definitely don’t post it with images that match what we are implying. That’s what makes this girl extra.

15. Ex Mom: This girl sent her mother a photo of her and her mom responded in the way an ex-boyfriend would. Sometimes moms don’t realize that they are being extra and that’s what makes it hilarious. We are sure that the mom is having a good time though, you know the way moms do.

Instagram /u/ @memepgirl61

16. Pay Me Now: When this girl’s project partner printed out a bunch of pages of their project, the partner wanted the money paid back immediately. This guy is being extremely extra considering that the money that was spent was the bare minimum. We are sure this person can wait for the cents to be paid back to them.

17. Teacher’s Son: This teacher had to bring her son to work because he was on Spring Break. We don’t know whose idea it was to dress the kid up in a Godzilla costume but we do know that this is extra. What we do know is that if every “take your kid to work” day was like this we would’ve been more excited about it.

18. Girlfriend Vs. Boyfriend Caption: When this girl noticed that her boyfriend had a drastically different caption than hers, she needed to share it online. Hers was loving and referenced her anniversary she was sharing with her boyfriend. While her boyfriend’s caption had to do with seeing some other guy’s buttcheeks. This shows how different people can be.

19. Cougar Sighting: We know that there is the animal cougar and also the older woman cougar. As it turns out this kid knows about the two of them also and thinks that his mom is a cougar. He felt so confident that he replied to the cougar sighting at his school letting everyone know that it was his mother. This brings extra to a whole other level.

20. Lazy Pizza: When this woman wanted to get her pizza she decided she never wanted to leave her bed either. We think that she may have invented a genius idea of a new pizza delivery method. But we also agree that she is one hilarious extra person that was sent to this earth to make us laugh.

21. Someone Calling Me?: This lady saw these photos and decided to be a little extra with her caption of them. Her caption is pretty spot on for the expression on Rami Malek’s face and we know that this isn’t what is happening in the photo. And this girl was just being a little extra.

22. Soap: This kid’s mother buys weird organic soaps and his father has just decided to deal with it and use them. After a Reddit user suggested that the kid play a trick on his father, the kid did. He replaced the soap with cheese to see what his dad would do. This is such an extra trick and we think it’s hilarious.

23. Family Tradition: This mom has a hobby that she shares with her whole family. When she goes out and she meets someone that is tall she ends up getting them to pose in a photo with her. We don’t understand why we are laughing at this but we are. It’s probably the fact that this is super extra.

24. Movie Theatre Snack: These girls did the unthinkable and taped a half watermelon to their stomachs in order to look pregnant and get their snack into the movie theatre. These girls are super extra and clearly love watermelon enough to do this. We hope that they enjoyed their movie snack.

25. Ice Cream: This guy must really love ice cream because he was willing to go out in a snowstorm for it. This proves just how extra this guy is. People usually try to stay inside and not go out in a snow storm. But this guy wanted to go out and get a cold dessert. Hopefully it was all worth it.

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