12 Bad Decisions That’ll Spin Your Head Round Baby Right Round

We’ve all made some instantly regrettable decisions in our life. We’re only human after all. However, some of us were lucky enough to make those bad decisions before posting everything on the internet became the norm. Some people don’t have that luxury, and now their dumb mistakes will live on forever.

There are some truly great examples of things that went wrong out there, and seeing the instant regret on people’s faces is actually kind of rewarding in its own guilty pleasure sort of way. These instantly regrettable decisions always seem to have three parts: the decision, the action, and the consequence.

These 12 instantly regrettable decisions show that before we act, we should always take a few moments and think about what may happen in the future because of our actions. If there’s any lesson to take from these people, it’s that you should make sure no one’s filming you when you do something stupid.

1. This probably seemed like a great idea for a publicity shot, but her face says it all: this was a bad decision.

2. Whoever designed these shorts probably only realized their mistake once they were done. The person who bought them is also probably feeling some instant regret.

3. Hopefully, anybody who really did go into this building at least made it out alive. If they also happened to see a cat, well that’s just a bonus.

4. Trying to invent a new drink is a pretty fun thing to do, but you should always know which ingredients are going to taste good together.

5. The saying goes that crime doesn’t pay, and the reason for that is that most people committing crimes are likely to keep making bad decisions.

6. Yes, Mad Max: Fury Road was a pretty awesome movie, but they definitely weren’t actually spraying themselves in the mouth with real silver spray paint.

7. Sometimes regretting a decision happens while the action is still taking place. She probably didn’t realize that piercings can be pretty painful.

8. Even animals aren’t immune to making bad decisions. Some cats will just try to get into anything, but hopefully, this one learned its lesson.

9. It’s a lesson that every kid has to learn at one point or another: never, EVER try to eat sand.

10. Did this guy know that you can actually buy glasses that aren’t prescription? It’s also a lot cheaper than doing something like this.

11. The only reason anyone could have for getting a tattoo like this is that they really hate being employed. That or they love being stared at.

12. Trying to give your cat a bath can be hard enough, but taking a bath with your cat is probably the worst decision you can make, as evidenced by this guy’s face.

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