Sarah Silverman Shares Meme Calling Out People Asking For Prayers

Sarah Silverman got people talking on her Twitter page last week when she shared a meme that urged people not to pray in times of natural disaster but to vote for a government that believes in science.

Silverman didn’t add anything else to her tweet but it received over 170,000 shares and almost 80,000 favourites. The comment section debated religion and science with one another, earning the meme almost 4,000 comments.

The comment section flooded with tweets not only commenting on each other’s beliefs but about Silverman’s as well.

Of course, a meme such as this one opened the door for plenty of commenters to argue with one another about the government. Though, on the other side, others disregarded the meme’s overall message.

Paul Joseph Watson, YouTube personality and contributor at Infowars, wrote, “This is even dumber than that time you freaked out about road construction markings thinking they were Nazi swastikas.” His reply stirred the pot further.

Among other names that commented were author Giles Paley-Phillips, musicians Chad Gilbert and Best Coast, and astronomer Phil Plait.

Silverman hopped onto the comment section to inform people that she didn’t make the meme, she was simply passing it along.

Sarah Silverman Shares Meme Calling Out People Asking For PrayersMaria Cruz

Suffice to say, those who believe in the power of religion were upset by Silverman sharing the meme.

They, in turn, shared their thoughts on why people need prayer in times like these.

With comments about the power of prayer making their way into the comment section, naturally, those who believed in science came to defend their stance.

There were others who didn’t see the need in trying to split the belief in science from the belief in god. Regardless of where you stand on the topic, you can’t say that Silverman doesn’t know how to get the conversation going.

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