Someone Photoshopped Trump With Different Hair And The Internet ‘Can’t Even’

Some might argue that the greatest contributions known to man when it comes to the internet are photoshopped images to make us all laugh.

Some of the best photoshops are ones like birds with arms, or photoshop fails, or when someone asks a person to photoshop something out of the background, but then the person replaces it with something more absurd. All of these photos are side-splitting and hilarious. When it comes to photoshopping public figures, well anyone is basically fair game.

The latest photoshopped photo to quickly gain viral attention was submitted by a Twitter user who recently photoshopped a photo of President Trump with “Normal Hair.” Twitter users everywhere couldn’t seem to wrap their brains around it!

The photoshopped picture of President Trump was submitted by Twitter user Matt @mattstaggs, noting that he gave the man “Normal Hair” for the first time. The result is actually quite dramatic.

Twitter | @mattstaggs

Twitter user Al @DejaVuBoy remarked that the President resembled someone you might see on a popular ESPN talk program.

Twitter | @DejaVuBoy

Another Twitter user, Esther Lee (@elee1025) actually had quite a hilarious and negative response to the photo.

Twitter | @elee1025

Twitter user Kristen Thomson (@bigdaisyjam) remarked that somehow the POTUS looked “Creepier” than he did in his original look.

Twitter | @bigdaisyjam

When you stop to look at the photo closely, you notice that Twitter user @mattstaggs not only removed the President’s signature “comb over” he also removed the strange orange tanned look that Trump usually sports in his press conferences.

Twitter | @mattstaggs

Twitter user Make. It. Stop (@alisongang) noted that she preferred President Trump’s original look instead of the photoshopped version.

Twitter | @alisongang

Another Twitter user, Joshua Hill (@Hillhaus) made this hilarious joke about what miracles Matt (@mattstaggs) could perform with his photoshop skills.

Twitter | @Hillhaus

Finally, verified Twitter user Elizabeth Crane (@Elizabeth_Crane) made the biggest joke of the day that seems to sum up what everyone’s feelings are regarding the photoshopped image.

Twitter | @Elizabeth_Crane

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