24 Geniuses Who Might’ve Just Gotten It Right

When it comes to solving problems in the face of any challenge, humans are the best. Some people create genius hacks that are so clever, they have to be featured here.

Many people figure out clever ways to eat food while performing other tasks or to find a way to cut corners with a household chore. Have you ever been sitting at home, wishing you could kill two birds with one stone? Or perhaps something has broken on you, and you need to figure out an immediate solution? Problem-solving is a great skill to have in any situation, even if it’s a mildly silly one. Whenever you learn a new life hack, there’s a great feeling of accomplishment and you can’t help but want to share this knowledge with everyone you know. This is why we feel compelled to share these genius hacks that are so smart, they will change the way you think about everything.

The following 24 geniuses might have just gotten everything right with these amazing life hacks.

1) Eat Your Take-Out In The Bath: Who doesn’t love a good long bath? The water is warm, relaxing, and really helps you feel good. However, bathing in warm water also makes you feel extremely relaxed and you might find it difficult to have to eat dinner afterward. No matter, you can actually use styrofoam takeout containers as a floatation plate. Now you can eat while you bathe. What a time saver!

2) Broken Razor Is No Problem: This poor young lad had broken his razor but didn’t want to waste money by throwing it away. His solution? Take a pair of needle nose pliers and use them to hold the blade in place while you shave! Honestly, this trick is very clever. What a fantastic way to solve a problem in the face of inconvenience.  

3) Pizza Delivery Genius: This lazy young lady found a hilarious way to get her pizza delivered without ever having to get out of her apartment and head down to meet the delivery driver. She simply took a large ball of yarn, threw it out the window, then used it to pull up her pizza. 

4) iPad Hack: This very intelligent young student living in a dorm room figured out the perfect way to watch movies on his iPad at night without having to hold it up awkwardly in his bed. This way you can just lay back, relax, and watch your movies in peace while using two hangars to prop it up to the bed above. Of course, this only works if you’re using a bunk bed.

5) Genius Child: This kid is going places. Not only did he understand the purpose of what the letter H looks like, he managed to figure out a way to save time with his ridiculous repetitive homework. Of course, maybe he missed the point of learning how to improve your cursive, but we still think this is a pretty funny way of getting it over with.

Reddit - Im_that_stupid

6) Keurig Noodles: Did you know that your Keurig machine is great for a lot more things other than making instant coffee? You can use the hot water portion to make tea, or even use it to heat up your lunch like this clever person, who is using the hot water to make instant noodles! Delicious genius hack!

7) Vacation Mode: This relaxing young man found out a very clever way to enjoy his mixed drink by propping it up using shoes, a frisbee, and a very long straw. Now he can lounge, enjoy tanning, and even enjoy his delicious beverage. We don’t know about you, but this is really getting us in the mood to go on vacation!

8) Gas Pumping Laziness: This ridiculous sight is one for the books. This hilarious young man decided to pump gas without ever leaving his vehicle. We aren’t sure if this is more of a hack, or actually more work than just getting out of the car. But we guess if you accidentally left the house without any pants on, then this is the hack for you!

9) De-Icer Genius: This man has clearly tried to de-ice his satellite dish before, and he has put a great deal of thought into the process. It’s a fantastic way to save time and effort by putting the de-icer into the super-soaker and using that to spray the dish properly like they would an airplane at the airport. We wonder what other kinds of liquids you could put in there?

10) Clean The Toilet Like A Man: Cleaning the toilet is never a chore people enjoy doing. This man has found a very clever way of cleaning the toilet, especially an extra dirty one. He took a toilet brush and stuck it inside a power drill, allowing for maximum spinning when cleaning the poop machine.

11) Drink All The Juice: This is a fantastic hack for someone who gets really thirsty. Have you ever purchased a package of juice from the store, but you’re so thirsty that you want to drink all of them at once? Well, this young genius has clearly solved this problem! What a smart way to drink juice!

12) Separate Egg Yolks: Have you ever had a recipe that called for meringue or wanted to have an egg white omelet for healthier eating? Well, then this is the hack for you! By now you’ve probably seen this on a thousand different websites, but in case you’re seeing it for the first time, squeeze the bottle and allow the yolk to scoop up inside. It’s that easy!

13) Sneaky Way To Cheat: This young person has found a very naughty life hack. They’ve printed off very small to see answers for a test and stuck them on the underside of their fingernails in order to have an easy prompt for those hard to remember questions. Of course, you’d be limited to 10 fingers.

14) No Iron? No Problem: This clever young man did not have an iron at the ready, so what does he do instead? Why, he takes a small sauce pot, heats it up in the oven, and uses the heat from the pot to iron out his fabric. Very clever indeed!

Reddit - sarinshards

15) This Kid Has It Figured Out: This very clever child has beat his mother’s own rule system of not having food in the living room, and not having electronics in the kitchen. His solution? Eat on the floor in the boundary between two rooms. Children are honestly so clever.

16) Clever Bar Ad: This young person had to get a wristband to enter the bar they wanted to attend. A law attorney, who must know that a lot of injustices occur when you’re partying in the nightlife, has placed an ad on these wristbands. Hopefully, their services aren’t needed.

17) Creep Hack: This Twitter creep found the strangest way to try and pick up chicks at the bar. He ties a balloon to their purses in order to easily find them later when he’s brave enough to talk to them. Perhaps it would be easier and far less bizarre if you just said hello?

Twitter - @Advil

18) Kinder Egg Containers: Did you know that Kinder Egg toy containers have a lot more uses than just holding toys? You can recycle them to carry pills, or in the case of this genius, use them to hold your false eyelashes! You could also store jewelry, loose change, or even a USB stick!

19) Genius Parenting Hack: Having trouble motivating your children to help out around the house? If you have full control over the wifi, this is an amazing way to motivate any person struggling to get things done. This would also help motivate loved ones to exercise more, or even help reach their goals.

20) Cheap Way To Cool Down Laptop: Do you have an older laptop that likes to overheat? Perhaps you’ve thought of different ways to keep it from overheating. Well, a really cheap and efficient way of doing this is by using egg cartons to prop up your computer, allowing the fan to blow out the warm air more efficiently!

Reddit - mehavesuperpowers

21) Long Hair Hack: This is a really fun hack to use if you’re ever traveling or find that you need to catch a few Zzzs when you’re away from your bed. Simply use your own hair to block out the light around you, providing instant sleep shade. Fantastic hair hack.

22) Hammer Hack: This construction worker was tired of having to hold nails to his tools while he worked. His solution is actually a genius hack. He took a magnet, glued it to the bottom of his hammer, and uses it to catch or hold the nails that he’s using while building. No more nails in your mouth or pockets!

23) Lazy Susans: These amazing little storage devices allow you to maximize the space in your cupboards while also making it easier to use or see all your things. Did you know that you can also use them in your fridge? This is a fun way to organize all of your condiments.

24) Hair Clips Not Just For Hair: If you’re a young person who enjoys listening to music with their headphones, chances are that you’ve lost a great deal of time untangling them after they’ve been in your pockets for a long time. This genius person decided to use a hair clip to keep them bunched together and prevent them from getting tangled in the first place.

Imgur - DengusKhan

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