Bullied Teen’s Heartbreaking Texts To Her Mother Revealed

A high school student from England by the name of Bailey Rose had to reach out to her mother for help after being bullied on social media. Bailey asked her mom to bring her a change of clothes after she found out that people were making fun of her and sharing pictures of her online since she went to school in a dress.

Someone took a Snapchat of Bailey in her dress at school and captioned it ‘thiccc.’

When Bailey was notified of that mocking message, she decided to text her mom for a change of clothes.

Bailey texted her mom to bring her a t-shirt and jeans in the middle of a school day when she found out that people were making fun of her. Her mother was initially confused and asked her daughter what she was wearing. Bailey replied: ‘a dress and people are making fun of me and taking pictures of me and I wanna change.’


Bailey’s mother immediately jumped to her rescue and told her that she would be there in 7 minutes. She even asked if Bailey needed her to bring shoes as well. Within 5 minutes, Bailey’s mom was already at the school ready to give her her change of clothes.

Daily Mail

It was then shown that a person, by the name of Dylan, took a picture of the back of Bailey’s legs while she was in her dress and captioned it ‘thiccc.’

Daily Mail

A screenshot of Bailey and her mother’s text messages along with the inappropriate Snapchat has since been shared on Facebook and Twitter in order to raise awareness for bullying.

Daily Mail

At the time of writing, it is unclear if Bailey was the first to share those photos but since then people from all around the world have shared her picture and have come to her defense. 

Daily Mail

One person tweeted: ‘this isn’t right. My heart is broken. Why are people such morons!?’ while another wrote: ‘as a mom I just loved how her mom responded, the world is filled [with] all kind of humans.’

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But further controversy arose after a dive into her social media past revealed some racist posts. In one poll she asked: ‘if I say ‘I hate black people’ am I racist?’ Rightfully the poll came back with a 90 percent yes and a 10 percent no.

Daily Mail

While some people pointed out that she had done the same kind of polls on white people as well, she has also in her past tweeted slurs such as ‘n***a’ and ‘f*g.’ One girl wrote: ‘she’s getting picked on coz she picks on people. I’m all for defending people from bullies but we can’t defend bullies.’

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