This Self-Taught Polish Cosplayer Can Turn Herself Into Literally Anyone, Here Are 20+ Of Her Best Transformations

 Self-Taught Polish Cosplayer Can Turn Herself Into Literally Anyone

A Polish cosplayer is astounding the internet with her amazing ability to create some of the best cosplay costumes you’ve ever seen.1`+


Her ability to hone her craft and shape her appearance to become some of the best-known characters in cinema is astounding. Her name is Justyna Sosnowska (also known by her artistic name of Sosenka). By day she works as an architect in Poland, but by night she might be one of the internet’s greatest cosplayers. Sosenka first gained her interest in Cosplay back in 2014. According to her Patreon page, Sosnowska’s materials have become quite costly, but thanks to the generosity of the internet who wishes to continue to see her perform through her special effects makeup, Sosenka now provides tutorials for her work. Stan Winston’s workshop was a huge influence on her work, and Sosenka continues to learn more about her craft and dazzle us with the best cosplay ever.

The following 20+ styles prove the diversity and versatility of Sosenka’s talents. Her costume designs, gender-bending characters, and skills with makeup really show.

1) Maleficent: Here, Sosenka dresses up as that all-too-familiar villain Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, and later the film Maleficent. The costume itself features the familiar horned headdress, green contact lenses, and the amazing makeup job to give her the highest cheekbones ever. What an amazing job! A simple adjustment to a cloak makes this a very doable, and amazing costume for your next Halloween party.

2) Azog: Sosenka has outdone herself with this cosplay of Azog or The Pale Orc from the Hobbit films. Here, she uses prosthetic makeup shaped from moulds of her own face, then carved to look like the orc, then moulded using silicone. The result is absolutely horrifying and magical. Truly an amazing cosplay.

3) The Mad Hatter: Time for tea! Here, Sosenka dresses up as the cherished character of the Mad Hatter from Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, as played by Johnny Depp. Sosenka absolutely nails the look, including the crazy green eyes, dramatic white face makeup, and the infamous hat that looks like it was stolen from a milliner’s workbench.

4) Majin Buu: Anyone who is an enormous fan of the Dragonball franchise will immediately recognize this pink alien as Majin Buu. Specifically, this is Super Buu, a form taken after Evil Buu eats Good Buu. A great deal of prosthetic makeup and body paint was required to make this look come alive. It’s a stunning testament to Sosenka’s talents.

5) Zombies: Sosenka has taken on a few different Zombie forms in her pursuit of being the greatest cosplay artist ever. Anyone who is a fan of The Walking Dead or George Romero’s films, will no doubt enjoy these cosplays. Zombie effects are a matter of pride for a lot of people. Both of these images strike terror into our hearts and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

6) Android 16: Another great character from the Dragonball franchise, here, Sosenka dresses up at Android 16, and it’s hard to believe that we’re looking at the same person. She absolutely nails this look, including the crazed orange hair. There is a true artist at work here. Absolutely amazing work.

7) Hades: This is an amazing cosplay of Hades: Lord of the Dead from Disney’s Hercules. She even manages to create a hilariously long chin to match the animation style from the movie. A pair of bright yellow contacts and some after-effects to give the illusion of blue flamed hair, Sosenka does it again with this makeup job.

8) Dementor: The terrifying soul-sucking creatures first introduced in the third book/film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the Dementors are easily one of the scariest creatures in any fantasy franchise. Sosenka makes great use of prosthetics and other materials to bring this creature to life. Hopefully, you can conjure up a Patronus when you encounter her!

9) Severus Snape: Sosenka outdoes herself with this Alan Rickman look-a-like portrayal of Professor Severus Snape from the Harry Potter franchise. An ingenious combination of prosthetics and makeup brings this character to life. If Alan Rickman were still alive he would no doubt approve of this amazing homage to his memorable character.

10) The Na’vi: Here, Sosenka dresses up like one of the species of Navi from James Cameron’s Avatar film. The blue-skinned creatures from Pandora, a distant planet from the earth with a toxic atmosphere to humans, but filled with diverse plant life unlike anything Humanity has ever seen. This is an awesome representation of what the Navi would look like without the CGI.

11) Daenerys Targaryen: This beautiful cosplay of Emilia Clarke’s character of Daenerys Targaryen from the Game of Thrones franchise does the role justice. Sosenka absolutely nails the captivating look in her purple eyes, to her well cared for white hair, as well as the fierce look on her face that could command a dragon (or three).

12) Chattering Cenobite: This is by far one of Sosenka’s more impressive cosplays as the Chattering Cenobite from the horror films in the Hellraiser franchise. The chatterer makes no dialogue, he only chatters with his exposed teeth. This frightening creature is really brought to life through this cosplay. Welcome to hell!

13) Hermione Granger: Here, Sosenka portrays the lovable and brilliant character of Hermione Granger as played by Emma Watson. She really does a great job at capturing Watson’s appearance with the help of some great makeup and a very convincing wig. Add a few more books and a Gryffindor tie and you’re all set!

14) Captain Jack Sparrow: Aye, where is the rum? Sosenka absolutely kills it reenacting Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. A photo of Sosenka at the beach really sells this look. It’s amazing to think of how realistic the facial hair looks, especially around the moustache. This is next-level cosplay people. Take notes.

15) Michael Jackson: The king of pop is brought back to life with this amazing homage and cosplay by Sosenka. Her ability to rekindle the light in this man’s personality is astonishing. With just some simple use of makeup, clever props including sunglasses and that signature fedora, this would make an awesome Halloween costume. All you’d need is that signature glove.

16) ET: This cosplay is absolutely terrifying but amazing at the same time. It’s less cosplay and more clever use of body paint, but it’s still quite amazing. It’s really awesome to think about how applying body paint in such a way can create this kind of illusion. Steven Spielberg would definitely be impressed.

17) Mystique: This is one amazing cosplay featuring the infamous villainess Mystique from the X-Men comic series. Here she blends a mixture of the Mystique we know from the cinematic universe with the Mystique from the comic books. The subtlety in the body paint on her chest makes it look like she’s wearing a costume but surprisingly it’s just painted! Amazing!  

18) Valak: This is positively terrifying. Sosenka portrays the evil demon nun from The Conjuring 2 known as Valak. Lorraine Warren battles it out with this terrifying otherworldly demon throughout the entire film. It’s absolutely evil and Sosnowska just kills it with this cosplay. We especially love the black teeth.

19) Darth Maul: Sosenka dresses up as the infamous Sith Lord Darth Maul from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. This alien design has gone down as one of the most memorable cinematic face paints in history. This rendition is just absolutely well done. The horns on top really make this piece.

20) Tony Stark: Here, Sosenka dresses up with body paint as the Avenger we all love and adore, Tony Stark aka Iron Man. What’s especially impressive about this cosplay is Sosenka’s ability to paint herself an iron man suit on her body. She pulls off this look with nothing more than paint. It’s the talent behind her painting that really brings this together.

Tony StarkInstagram | Sosenka - @itlookslikekilled

21) Deadpool: Another fantastic body paint display of Sosenka’s talents is with this Deadpool cosplay. You might think that she is putting on an actual hood in the other photos, however, these transitory photos of Sosenka are of her painting her face with red paint to give the illusion of putting on a hood! Amazing!

22) Rafiki: All that’s missing from this amazing cosplay is a baby Simba doll. Here, Sosenka dresses up as Rafiki, the wise old baboon from Disney’s The Lion King. She uses a simple white hairpiece as a beard and then uses a different hairpiece for the top. Some fantastic face paint and some white contacts later, this costume is all set to go!

23) Walter White: Here we can see our favourite chemistry teacher turned Meth cook named Walter White reenvisioned by Sosenka using clever makeup and a great facial hairpiece. She brings this Breaking Bad character back to life, which is almost a cornerstone cosplay for any event. Walter White forever!

Walter WhiteInstagram | Sosenka - @itlookslikekilled

24) Tyrion Lannister: It’s hard to believe that under this fantastic makeup is Sosenka, but believe it or not it’s her! Here she brings the character Tyrion Lannister to life, as portrayed by actor Peter Dinklage. The scar on the check looks very well done and fresh using nothing but makeup. Amazing!

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