Man Asks Justin Timberlake To Hold His Baby During Golf Tournament, And JT Steals The Show

Every year, the American Century Championship brings out an array of celebrities to compete in a golf tournament for charity. While professional basketball player Mark Mulder won the tournament for his third year in a row, it was Justin Timberlake who ended up winning the Internet after one spectator asked the singer to hold his baby.

TimberlakeTahoe Daily Tribune

The annual tournament, which takes place during the second full week of July, celebrated its 27th year at the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in Stateline, Nevada. The event saw a number of notable names including Steph Curry and Tony Romo, which brought out plenty of spectators looking to get a picture or have something signed.

However, one new father had a more peculiar request, he wanted someone to hold his baby Logan James. While not getting a response from Steph Curry or Tony Romo as they walked by the spectator, Justin Timberlake couldn’t bring himself to turn down the offer. “Justin! All these people said you’d hold my baby,” the father shouted.

Timberlake gave a quizzical look to the dad at first, but after the crowd started to chant for him to hold the baby, he walked over with open arms. “Congratulations,” Justin said to the new father while being handed his son. However, it’s what the singer did next that made this dad’s video go viral.

While the father really only wanted a picture of Justin Timberlake and his son, the Can’t Stop the Feeling singer made the moment truly memorable. Timberlake impromptu-ly held the baby in the air in iconic Lion King fashion as the spectators joined him to sing, “Nants ingonyama bathe Baba!”

The baby’s father, Michael Hood, recorded the adorable moment and uploaded it to YouTube where it quickly received hundreds of thousands of views in just a matter of days.

“I don’t get starstruck a whole lot, but Justin Timberlake is this generation’s Elvis, so to speak,” Hood told Inside Edition. “We thought this would be awesome for [Logan] to look back on and say, ‘Wow, I got to be held by Justin Timberlake.’”

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