Couple’s Birthing Photoshoot Goes Viral, And People Don’t Know What To Think

Longtime photographer and cat enthusiast Lucy Schultz has quickly become a viral sensation from a recent photoshoot she took with her partner Steven. Jokingly, the couple decided that after being together for 3 years, they were ready to invest in a third member of their family.

The “Cat Birth Photoshoot” has gained increased popularity, gaining over 30,000 Likes on Facebook and has been shared over 73,000+ times.

The couple recently adopted this adorable calico cat, and Lucy wrote in her post saying, He is 22″ long and weighed 6 pounds 7 oz,” making a joking comparison between the weight of her new cat and the weight of a newborn baby. This kind of genius satirical approach to posting photos of your ‘new arrival’ is the kind of hilarious content the internet needs.

In this first photo, Lucy poses with Steven as if she is hard at work and in labour with her ‘newborn.’ Steven plays the perfect role of a supporting partner.

Here we see the birth mother crowning the newborn’s head. Except, this is a cat. She’s giving birth to a cat… what?

Thankfully, Steven’s acting with a satirical face of excitement shows us that this is actually a large prank. He’s ready to ‘catch’ the newborn as Lucy gives birth.

Here, Lucy is hard at work making sure the ‘new arrival’ is brought into this world with the miracle of cat-birth. Her gruelling face is a performance that really sells these photos.

Here, Lucy gives one final and hefty push to ensure that the newborn is delivered safely. Partner Steven continues to encourage Lucy as she agonizes through this miraculous birth.

After a long and difficult labour, Lucy finally gives birth to her precious new feline. A kitty is so brave for enduring such hardship. Here Lucy coddles her new arrival.

Steven and Lucy look down at their precious new addition to the family. They stare in wonder as the little one purrs and enjoys being petted.

Steven and Lucy share an emotional connection while cradling their newborn cat. Clearly, this entire experience has brought them all closer together as a family. What a joyous occasion! Our only question is, instead of a Baby Shower, did they throw Lucy a Cat Shower?

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