Identical Twin Sisters Deemed ‘Most Beautiful Twins In The World,’ See Them Now

When newborn babies come into the world, it is a thing of beauty in any regard. Better yet, when it’s twins, it is all the more alluring, as the miracle of life gifts two for the price of one. On July 7th of 2010, identical twin sisters entered the world, and it wasn’t long before their beauty was admired.

Deemed the most beautiful identical twins, Leah Rose and Ava Marie Clements have been widely recognized since the precious age of just 6 months old. Jaqi, the proud mother of the twins, decided to turn to a modelling agency, although it became too hectic to handle alongside the care of their 2-year-old-brother. However, it was when the twins turned 7 years old this past summer, that Jaqi exposed her twin girls to the social media world, posting their first photo on Instagram. To no surprise, it went viral and quickly turned them into online sensations, grabbing the world’s attention.

Modelling agencies quickly noticed the identical twins and were soon begging to sign them and work with them. Constantly being stopped on the streets and receiving comments on her daughters’ beauty, the mother was persistently convinced by many to involve them in modelling. Adding to their already busy schedule of swimming and dancing, she opened up the idea of modelling to them, and they were ecstatic to begin their new journey under the spotlight.

Receiving worldwide recognition on social media, the twin sisters blew up online, with followers rapidly coming in, and endless comments pouring in their direction. Today, they have an impressive 240,000 followers on Instagram alone. Followers deemed the girls to be “the most beautiful twins in the world”, and countless modelling agencies have been in contact for a chance to meet with the twins.  

Currently, Leah Rose and Ava Marie are signed with two modelling agencies, along with winning contracts with a series of children’s clothing brands and magazines, among other opportunities coming their way. In just a week, they were offered six different jobs that they shot for, turning down many others who were begging to work with them.

Along with the twin sisters, their older brother, Chase Robert, is also signed with the same modelling agency. The flurry of opportunities has allowed the family to pursue a life of travels on the regular now, where they keep getting noticed and recognized worldwide. Although the constant contact can get a little bit hectic for the family, they enjoy the luxury of quality family time together in their travelling, which brings them together and allows them to get away from the lights, camera, and action, for at least a little while.

For the Clements family, there is an undoubtedly promising future ahead in the world of modelling, as they continue to take on opportunities that have them recognized globally. There’s certainly no telling what comes next for them, as the power siblings constantly get more exposure in the world, and keep taking on the next big thing that comes their way.

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