Photos That Prove Men Are Just Giant Kids


How often do you see men acting like kids? It’s probably more than you think. Childlike men can be found everywhere, being silly and probably annoying the women they’re with. Men being immature isn’t even age-specific. No matter how young or old a man is, he still wants to act like a kid sometimes and really make himself laugh.

Men acting like kids is a proud tradition. Whether it’s the old ‘pull my finger’ or the ‘got your nose’ trick, men just love breaking out of their adult mode and being spontaneously silly every so often. Men being immature can definitely make people laugh, but it can also show that you’re never too old to be funny and act like a kid.

These photos show that men acting like kids can definitely make for some hilarious scenes. And just because these childlike men are taking a moment to be silly doesn’t mean they don’t know how to be responsible. It just means that being responsible can be tiring (and boring, let’s be honest), so why not cut loose and act like a kid?

1. When you’re a kid, going to Home Hardware can be such a drag. You probably thought, “where are all the toys?” But when you grow up, you learn the answer to that question is “everywhere!”

2. No matter how old they get, men can’t stop being silly. Even though it probably drives their wives crazy, these childlike men always find an opportunity to have a little bit of fun.

3. When it comes to men acting like kids, nothing shows it more than a grown man wanting a piggyback ride after seeing a girl get one. Who wouldn’t though? They’re so fun!

4. Even being in a bad situation, like getting your leg amputated, can prompt silly behavior from men, like dressing up as a pirate during a hospital visit.

5. Men acting like kids doesn’t have to be limited to their personal lives. This pilot decided he wanted to really freak people out at the airport, and what better way to do that than this?

6. Men don’t always want to watch action movies or Game of Thrones to pass the time. Sometimes they just want to enjoy a Pixar marathon, like this guy.

7. You’re never too old to enjoy blowing some bubbles in a public place. Always remember that. As soon as you stop liking bubbles, all your joy dies.

8. What’s the point of having a baby if you can’t take some hilarious photos with them? Love? A family? Those all come second to being a silly dad.

9. You know what’s really fun? Wearing a onesie. You know what’s something men hardly ever got to do? Wear a onesie. This dad seized his opportunity and we thank him for it.

10. Another thing that brings joy to men, no matter what age, is getting to play with fireworks. This man is a great example of how young pyrotechnics can make you feel.

11. While this photo might raise a lot of questions, chiefly “how did he get in there” and “how is he going to get out?” Those are not important. What is important, is he got to swim with his turtle.

12. On hot summer days, there’s nothing more satisfying than a soak in a kiddie pool. Who cares if you don’t have kids? The people at the pool store never need to know.

13. Beware of the moment when your husband or boyfriend says he wants to get a cat. You may think it’s because he loves animals, but it’s actually because he wants to pretend the cat is a machine gun.

14. Any guy who has spent a day shopping can totally identify with this. He probably only went because he was promised McDonald’s after they were done.

15. Even when men have kids of their own, it’s sometimes just easier to stick them in the playpen rather than the baby. Just make sure they get their juice, too.

16. Looking at this picture of an arcade machine in a women’s clothing shop, all I can think is, why was this not a thing when I was growing up? So unfair.

17. What else are you supposed to use that shirt pocket for? Pens? It’s 2018, no one needs a pen on them anymore. A Nutella snack pack is clearly more important.

18. No matter how mature you think your husband or boyfriend is, no matter how responsible and upstanding he appears to be, he still wants to play with a cardboard box. This is the truth.

19. A man does not need to be acting silly to be silly. No, he can simply wrap a dinosaur tail around his head, sit, and strum his guitar in peace, because that’s what he loves.

20. When it comes down to it, men acting like kids is just a natural part of life, and it’s something that they will do forever. At least it’s entertaining (sometimes).

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