Adult Film Star Olivia Nova Dies At 20, The Latest In A String Of Deaths To Rock Adult Industry

Beyond what is seen on screen in the adult film industry, each individual has a story. Often overlooked are the lives of the figures who have invested themselves and their image to the adult industry, each with their own life and background. Ranging in age, the stars of adult films have long been glorified by many on the web, however, who they are outside of the screen remains a mystery to most.

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Life is a delicate thing, and before we can even get the chance to learn about someone, it can suddenly be taken away. Olivia Nova, who had only been acting in adult films since March of 2017, has been found dead in Las Vegas at the age of 20. The Minnesota native, whose original name is Alexis Rose Forte, was described by her agency, Direct Models, as a “beautiful girl with a very sweet and gentle personality”. This came just a short time after she had tweeted out about feeling lonely, saying “Alone on the holidays and want to give a fan a holiday call. Would lift my spirits”. She was found dead at a private residence that wasn’t her own, after indications of depression, although suicide isn’t suspected.

This follows the sudden deaths of three other adult film stars who have passed away in the last three months. Turi Luv, 31, died of a drug overdose in December, as well as August Ames, who had hung herself after homophobic allegations, and a battle with mental health. Additionally, a Hall of Famer in the industry, Shyla Stylez, died in her sleep at the age of 35, after retiring just a year before.

Just two days before her last birthday, her boyfriend committed suicide, shortly after she made her debut in adult films. It wasn’t the easiest of years for her, as she finally made a breakthrough on screen and was beginning to take on new projects. Aside from this, she had dreams of pursuing an education and graduating, as well as partaking in a huge, nonprofit project that she aimed to involve herself in.

Her sudden passing has garnered a lot of reaction on social media, with fans mourning and curious as to what has happened. Among the reactions, is a rather unfortunate one that comes from an individual who is notorious for her outrageous opinions and beliefs, Tila Tequila. Rising to fame on reality TV, she now claims that she’s a “prophet of God”, and spoke on the death of Olivia Nova. Proclaiming that she “prayed for it” she added, “I suggest those in the [omitted] industry to repent of your sins so that you MAY be saved! FOR THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH!!!” She rejoiced with the news, saying “looks like that hour of mourning is finally here!!!” A rather malicious set of words in an otherwise tragic circumstance.

Nova’s family and friends back home in Minnesota have begun a GoFundMe page to cover the costs of the funeral. This is also an initiative to get her mother to Las Vegas where she needs to bring back the body, at a time where travel costs are rising. The family hopes that people will come together and donate, as her mother doesn’t have the money for it. At a dark time like this, the last thing that the family should have to worry about is money.

Leaving behind her mother Leslie, her 17-year-old brother David, and 7-year-old sister Macie, the adult film star’s death is still being investigated. Her agency released a statement, saying “Another one, way too young, we are beyond shocked and most certainly, completely out of the blue. Rest in peace, sweet angel.”

porn star olivia nova found deadTwitter

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