These Twins With Different Skin Colors Are ‘1 In A Million’ – Here They Are All Grown Up

When it comes to pregnancy, there’s no greater gift than welcoming two at once. Though it may be a handful, and inevitably competitive, it really is a blessing. For some, they come identical, and for others, they may be entirely different. For a couple in England, it was a one in a million surprise that welcomed two biracial twin sisters, who are strikingly different.

Meet Lucy and Maria Aylmer, hailing from Gloucester, England. Upon a first glance, anyone would notice that for these particular twins, the genetic variations are all too different. The unique genetic result is due to their parents’ heritage, with the mother being half Jamaican, and the father being entirely white.

For Lucy, she has pale skin and straight red hair, while Maria has darker skin, and darker, curly hair. Though they may be different in appearance, the Aylmer twins share a close bond, though their outward differences led to some inevitable discomfort over the course of their young life. Initially, Maria was envious of her sister’s straight hair, though it was Lucy who claims to have been made fun of the most while growing up, with kids thinking she was adopted.

Now, at the age of 20, they’ve grown up with two identities and personalities, developing into characters of their own. They explore different fashion senses, and social outlooks, but are now as close as they’ve ever been. The two young adults have an unbreakable bond, with their difference being merely physical and superficial. Proudly, they stand at their own unique intersections of race and are proud to celebrate their differences.

Receiving much recognition on social media, many are in disbelief of this possibility. It isn’t something we see every day, which furthermore makes it special. In fact, they have three other siblings, all of which share the same complexion. Regardless, it’s a fascinating result of genetic variation that has created quite the buzz.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, they revealed that by the age of 7, though their mother had dressed them alike, they began to start wanting to establish their own style, and realized they were different. Growing up, they are said to have experienced some of the same pains, as a lot of twins do. Despite similarities and differences, they share the same pride in sisterhood.

In this one in a million occurrence, these biracial twin sisters have learned to embrace their differences, and walk proudly as twins. Together, they’ve overcome obstacles growing up, with people naturally questioning their twinhood. Fortunately, no difference in skin colour could separate the cohesiveness of these sisters.

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