O.J. Simpson Hypothetically Confesses To Murder

For those of you who don’t know, O.J. Simpson, he was an NFL superstar who was inducted into the NFL Hall Of Fame in 1985. But most people know Simpson from the Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman murders on June 12, 1994. Simpson was a prime suspect in the murders and was accused of the murders. After what people were calling the ‘Trial of the Century,’ the jury rendered a verdict of not guilty. Although he was acquitted of the murders, he was deemed liable for their wrongful deaths during a civil suit. Now, a newly surfaced interview with Simpson could be showing him hypothetically confessing to committing murder.

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CNN reports that Simpson did an interview a while back regarding the murders. Twelve years after the interview, the tapes of it finally surfaced, and on Sunday, March 11th, audiences across the world were able to hear his words on a two-hour special which Fox called O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession.‘ The former NFL star did an interview with Judith Regan in 2006, where he described in detail the events that occurred before and during that night.

Simpson states that he had flown in from New York to LA on June 12, 1994, so he could be present for his daughter Sydney’s dance recital. When he saw Nicole at the recital, he describes Nicole as acting like a teenager, according to Fox. Simpson continues by saying that he did not join the family for dinner because Nicole didn’t want him there, says Fox. According to Simpson, he went home to chip some golf balls and tried to relax, but he couldn’t. From there, he was about to go through the killing scenario, but he said it would be hypothetical.

At one point during the interview with Regan, Simpson referenced a friend who he called ‘Charlie.’ According to Simpson, Charlie, who was carrying a knife, went with him so he could confront Brown. The knife apparently belonged to Simpson. That same knife would be later used as the murder weapon in the scenario. Simpson says that while he and Charlie were confronting Brown, a guy ended up showing up. The guy was Ron Goldman.

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Simpson says that he started having unkind words with Goldman because of the mood he was in. Regan made a reference to Simpson’s book If I Did It by saying that Goldman claimed that he stopped by Brown’s in order to return a pair of sunglasses that were left at the restaurant. Simpson continued the scenario by saying that Nicole came out of her house and they began to have words about who Goldman was and why he was there. Regan recalled Simpson’s book again by quoting that Brown said “This is my house get the F out of here.” Simpson chimed in by saying that he didn’t like what Brown said to him.

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Simpson then describes that things got heated during the conversation and Brown fell and hurt herself. He says that Goldman got into a karate stance, which Simpson felt was a threat. He says that he does remember grabbing the knife from Charlie, but says he doesn’t remember what happened after that, except that he was just standing there and there were all sorts of things around. Regan brought up a quote from his book which was “he had never seen so much blood.” He reassured him that his scenario was hypothetical.

In regards to the glove that many people believe was what got him acquitted, Simpson says that he doesn’t remember taking off that glove, but says it must have happened because they found the glove at the scene. He adds that he went home that same night and took a shower. Whether or not you believe that he did it or not, you have to admit that there are parts of this interview that raise some flags. How can you not remember what happened, but recall that there was a lot of blood around the scene?

You can watch a clip of the FOX special, O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession, below.

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