16 Cartoon Characters That Were Encountered In Real Life

When we watch cartoon films, we don’t really think about the fact that there are people out there who actually look like characters in the film. I mean, growing up watching Cinderella, it never popped into your mind that there could be someone out there who actually could look like your favourite princess.

But believe it or not, there are real-life people who look like Moana or Elsa from Frozen. We don’t know if it’s life imitating art or vice versa but regardless, it’s pretty shocking. Just imagine, walking down the street and seeing someone who looks exactly like a character you just saw on TV.

If you don’t believe these people exist, check out these 16 people who look a lot like cartoon characters. Whether it’s just their face that looks exactly like them or the way they dress, they still look EXACTLY like the cartoons you see on TV. Next time you go out, keep an eye out…you just might find them!

1. Elsa? Is that you? This girl probably didn’t know she looked like Elsa herself! Imagine going to Best Buy, and seeing a massive poster of a Disney Princess and realizing you look like her. I mean, that’s a dream for a lot of us Disney fans. Even the facial expression is identical!

2. Okay, be honest. If you went on that bus and saw this old lady, would you have thought right away it was the old lady from Looney Tunes? I mean everything from the hair, the outfit, and even the chin looks IDENTICAL! That would make my day if I saw that.

3. Pixar’s “Up” movie warmed all of our hearts. It was so adorable and emotional all at the same time. If I saw this old man that looks a lot like the old man from the film, I’d be so tempted to just give him a hug. Wonder if he got those glasses after seeing the film.

4. If there’s an old man from up, there has to be a Russell from Up! And look at that, there is. This little kid probably already knew he had similar features to the adorable cartoon character. Dressing up like him definitely added to the entire look. So cute!

5. Hey, look! It’s chef Alfredo Linguini from “Ratatouille”. Everything from the shape of the face, to the curly hair, to even the pale skin. This guy probably has his Halloween costume covered every single year.

chef Alfredo Linguini from “Ratatouille”neat

6. Other than the eye color, this little girl looks EXACTLY like Boo from the hit Pixar movie “Monsters Inc.”. Her parents probably saw the film and decided to style their daughter’s hair exactly like the character in the film. They are both so adorable!

little girl looks EXACTLY like Boocaprichosdea

7. Edna Mode from “The Incredibles” is a memorable character. Everything from her size, to her hair to her glasses to her personality. She’s meant to represent people in the fashion world. This woman looks like her identical twin. Wonder if she talks like her as well…that would be hilarious.

8. Batman, Catman...what’s the difference? Apparently not a whole lot. I wonder if this cat’s owners realized their pet looks like Batman after he was positioned this way. Or maybe they knew from day one that he was meant to save the world from bad guys. Who knows!

Batman, Catman...reddit.com

9. Pretty sure most gym junkies have the potential to look like Johnny Bravo, especially the blonde ones. But this guy takes first place. Everything from his hair to his muscles to even his outfit looks a lot like the famous cartoon character. Wonder if he can speak like him too! That would be perfect.

10. For all you “South Park” fans out there, this photo will make your day. Just like with the other photo, imagine going onto the bus on your way to school or work, and seeing a real-life Eric Cartman on the bus. I wonder if he wore that outfit on purpose or not. Regardless, we’re all thankful that he did!

11. Everyone could use a Peter Griffin in their life. This guy might not like EXACTLY the hilarious dad from “Family Guy” but he definitely has a lot of similarities. Just look at his glasses and that chin! The chin makes the entire look incredible! If he can do the famous laugh as well, that would be even more amazing.

12. It’s not always humans that look like cartoons…it also works with animals. Check out this hilarious Greyhound that looks like Sid from “Ice Age”. Both are equally hilarious both equally adorable. Hopefully, they named this dog Sid, because it really suits him.

13. Hmm two older women, identical twins, dressed the same, smoking outside…Selma and Patty Bouvier from “The Simpsons”? I think so. They also look like they could have a similar personality to the characters as well. I don’t blame this person for taking a photo of these twins, it’s very funny.

14. Most of us are familiar with Grumpy Cat. It looks like a cartoon character on its own. But if you have seen “Kung Fu Panda” you’d notice that Master Shifu looks a lot like the grumpy cat. Both their facial expressions but also the color of their fur. The resemblance is crazy!

15. It often happens that two characters from two different shows can look a lot alike as well. For all those “Breaking Bad” fans, ever noticed just how much Walter White looks identical to “The Simpsons” character Ned Flanders? I mean, they both have the same mustache, the same hair…glasses…everything!

16. The girl who actually did the voice of Moana looks exactly like her cartoon character. But this girl also happens to look IDENTICAL to the Disney character as well. She even mastered the facial expression Moana has. Both are absolutely gorgeous.

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