People Share Stories Where The Situation Gets Worse And Worse As It Goes On

People Share Stories Where The Situation Gets Worse

It’s probably a good idea to knock on wood after asking the classic question, “What’s the worst that could happen?” because some downward spirals can end up building a surprising amount of momentum. We’ve all had those moments where things looked like they couldn’t possibly get any worse, but then were proven very, very wrong.

No one enjoys experiencing a series of unfortunate events themselves, but they tend to make pretty entertaining stories for everyone else. One Redditor asked the community to share their best “Hold on, it gets worse” stories and the responses will make you happy they didn’t happen to you.

Here are 24 stories of people whose bad days only continued to plummet.

1. Bonfire: “My mom had lit a small bonfire and left it unattended, which she usually does as it typically just dies out. This time, however, it did not die out. The fire ended up spreading to the grass which set fire to the garden shed and blew up some gas canisters which set fire to a rat nest. The rat nest catching fire may seem like a blessing in disguise, but boy it wasn’t. Burning rats were scrambling all over the yard while firefighters chopped them with axes. The smell of burning rats and the visual of my dad cleaning up their burnt severed bodies the next day is something that will forever haunt me.” (Reddit user: Brummiediv)

2. Ceiling dwellers: “A month ago our ceiling fell down and caused a gigantic nightmare of a mess. The room was completely destroyed. To make matters worse, wasps started coming in — lots of wasps. Apparently, there were a few nests on our roof and the room ended up being completely swarmed. We had an exterminator come and spray the room as we watched literally thousands of wasps fall from the vortex. After, our roofer came to remove the remaining rotten timber and plaster. I heard a blood-curdling scream and found the poor man covered in angry wasps. Turns out, the nest was over three feet longer than the exterminator realized and still very active. Our insurance company said they wouldn’t cover any repairs due to a leak we had no way of knowing about. To top it all off? The following weekend my cat died.” (Reddit user: Clairdassian)

Ceiling dwellersPeter Grosch /

3. Close Relationships: “Two of my best friends had a falling out and I was dying to know why it was over. They lived together for years and had never had a problem up until this point. Finally, my friend told me everything that happened and I regret asking. My one friend asked his roommate if he could date their cousin, who emphatically said no. However, his roommate had previously dated his cousin without asking so he decided to start seeing her anyway. As he was seeing his roommate’s cousin, he found out that the two cousins had actually been sleeping with each other for years. It gets worse. The girl’s father and her cousin’s father are identical twins. Genetically, they are half-siblings.” (Reddit user: raw face)

Close RelationshipsWAYHOME Studio /

4. Vacation From Hell: “We were on a family vacation and my parents hired a babysitter from the hotel service to watch my one-year-old brother while we went out for a nice dinner. When we returned, we found my brother completely alone and crying. Turns out, the babysitter was pregnant, broke into the room’s safe, stole everything, and ran off with her boyfriend. We cut our vacation short and flew home early only to find our car had been stolen from the airport parking lot. We taxi home to where our aunt had been house sitting to find a note on the door that says: ‘Don’t go outside.’ Our dog had died and she didn’t know what to do with him so she left him in the backyard.” (Reddit user: StarburstLily)

Vacation From HellPEOPLE

5. Bite: “I’ve always had a rat as a pet and really enjoyed them. My mom bought me one after the previous one had died from Petco, but after a few days, it started acting tired and would just stand in the corner of its cage. I decided to pick it up and it bit me. It really latched on to the point my mom had to help me pry it off. A week later, I got a fever and what my parents thought was the flu. However, the symptoms just continued to get worse until I was in serious pain. Went to the hospital and the doctors thought I had meningitis, but the tests came back negative. It was discovered that I had rat bite fever, which can be fatally dangerous as it can spread to the organs. To cure me, the doctors gave me a massive dose of penicillin. That’s when I also found out that I am allergic to penicillin.” (Reddit user: FynXoyk)

 BiteVladimir Prusakov /

6. Hail and Back: “It was my birthday. I was feeling a little under the weather but thought it would pass so I went to school. By the time class ended, I was full-blown sick and feeling incredibly nauseous. My route home involves two buses. The first one was irregularly late and naturally, it started raining. Because that bus was late, I had to wait 45 minutes for the second bus. It hardly ever rains here so there was no shelter from the weather. At this point, it started hailing. Who would have known those frozen rain drops hurt so bad? Got home freezing and dizzy. Worst birthday ever.” (Reddit user: [deleted])

7. Prom Night: “My senior prom was potentially the worst prom in human history. My girlfriend dumped me a month prior, and I wasn’t able to find a date in time due to my own social awkwardness. All of my friends had girlfriends/boyfriends at a nearby school and their prom was the same night so they decided to go there. I was completely alone with the kids that have tormented me for the past four years. Oh, did I mention our prom was held on a boat? The buffet ended up giving everyone food poisoning and to make matters even worse, the boat broke down. We were stuck just floating off the Bay area while kids were barfing and pooping everywhere. The boat did not have enough bathrooms so you can only imagine the scene.” (Reddit user: LeRoienJaune)

8. Mad Pig: “Growing up we had a bunch of sheep and a very large 700 lb pig. They shared the same pen and never had a problem cohabiting. However, once the pig got old, he became very senile and aggressive. One day, he picked a fight with the alpha sheep and sat on him until he died. It gets worse. The pig started to eat the sheep after killing it, digging in and going to town on his guts. Here’s where it gets even worse. I no idea how he did it, but the pig managed to get a huge slab of the sheep’s wool onto his back and wore it like a trophy.” (Reddit user: Marketta)

Mad PigOndrej Schaumann /

9. Eye Color: “My friend would always tinker with the trigger of his paintball guns so they would be really sensitive and easy to pull. He set down his gun at his side with the barrel facing up so he could put his mask over his face. Unfortunately for him, his finger grazed the trigger and he ended up shooting himself right in the left eye. He had to go to the hospital and was waiting in the emergency room with a patch over his eye when a nurse offered to bring him a soda with a straw. He ended up poking himself in the other eye with the straw.” (Reddit user: Ducksaucenem)

Eye Colorpolkadot_photo /

10. MMS: “I was having a relatively steamy text message conversation with a former high school classmate and he asked me to send him a nude. I obliged as I trusted him and didn’t really care that much. However, I accidentally ended up sending it to my 45-year-old super Christian boss. I was sweating as I watched the picture sending, already typing up an explanation and not opening the message. Mid-typing, my phone dies. I ran to the charger but because my phone is old it took a good 30 minutes to boot back up. Too late.” (Reddit user: [deleted])

 MMSPhotoMediaGroup /

11. Funeral And A Fire: “My aunt flew over 9 hours to attend a family member’s funeral, which is rough as it is. The morning of the funeral, her husband calls to tell her that the house had flooded during an attempted plumbing repair. My aunt attends the funeral and then gets another phone call. Her husband now tells her that the disaster recovery company set up fans to dry the place out. One of the fans caught fire and the entire house burnt down.” (Reddit user: BigMan13)

Funeral And A FireGorb Andrii /

12. Jellyfish: “I went on a trip to Hawaii in 2003 and finally got the opportunity to try surfing. After a long training session on the beach and before I could even catch a wave, I got stung by a jellyfish. The pain lasted a good 4 to 5 hours. That night when I went out for dinner, I decided to order jellyfish to get even. Got food poisoning. I hate jellyfish.” (Reddit user: KdogCrusader)

JellyfishRoman Yanushevsky /

13. The Big Cheat: “A little over two years ago, my husband of three and a half years sat me down to tell me that he cheated on me. Obviously, no wife wants to hear that, but it gets worse. He explained that he cheated on me with over 50 people, including men, women, one senior citizen, and a few people that paid him on Craigslist. When does he tell me this? While I was pregnant with our second child.” (Reddit user: [deleted])

The Big CheatAntonio Guillem /

14. Missing Dog: “I was working a night shift so I left my dog at my boyfriend’s house so he wouldn’t be all alone in my apartment. My boyfriend calls me around midnight telling me that the dog is missing. I left work and rushed home to find my dog had been hit by a car. The next day, my boyfriend breaks up with me because I was too sad to come to visit him. A few days later, I find out that I’m pregnant.” (Reddit user: Fiberfurryhat)

Missing DogTwinsterphoto /

15. Dream Vacation: “I was supposed to go on an all-expenses-paid cruise to the Bahamas for a week. Halfway there, I realize that someone had stolen my passport. My birth certificate wasn’t valid enough because I wasn’t born in the US. Told my friends to go on without me because I didn’t want to spoil their trip. I drive 6 hours home and decide to pick up the shifts I had requested off. I biked to work and ended up getting hit by a truck, which drove off without stopping. Couldn’t work due to my injuries and am now still trying to pay off a trip I didn’t go on.” (Reddit user: byany_othername)

Dream VacationEdw /

16. First Day: “I forgot to charge my phone and it died on the first day of my freshman year. The day went pretty well, but after school things quickly took a turn for the worse. I didn’t know where my bus was, which caused me to miss it. There was only one bus left so I decided to get on that one. Took me in the opposite direction of where I had to go. Attempted to walk but ended up even more lost. I didn’t have my phone so I had to go to a gas station and basically beg strangers for quarters to call my parents.” (Reddit user: SonicFlare21)

First DaySergey Mironov /

17. Rough Night: “I took an hour-long train to San Francisco to meet up with some friends who were visiting. Brought my skateboard and wiped it out hard just moments after getting off the train. The fall broke my phone and I had no idea how to get where I had to go. When I finally met up with my friends we only had 20 minutes to hang out. I took the train home and it was full of drunk and rowdy people, one of who puked on me. To top it all off, when I was walking home I tried to fart and ended up pooping my pants.” (Reddit user: 42GreenMachine)

18. Bad News: “I was working a double at a restaurant and decided to check my answering machine on my break. The first message is from my mom who informed me that she was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. The second message is from my dad who also just found out he has stage 4 lung cancer. My parents are separated and living 800 miles apart. That was the day life stopped being fun.” (Reddit user: mourning_woodie)

19. Out Of Work: “My brother moved to Vermont to work as a ski instructor. Before he even started his first day of work, he skied into a tree and broke his collarbone, which lost him the job. He found a new job as a bartender on a train. On one of his days off, he tore his ACL while playing basketball and required surgery. He lost the bartending job and eventually found a job in Denver. A week before starting, he biked into a tree and almost died.” (Reddit user: bright_yellow_vest)

Out Of Worklassedesignen /

20. Wedding Jitters: “My fiance at the time decided to break up with me three months before the wedding because he didn’t feel he was ready to get married. The wedding was already paid for and we had no way to get our money back. Somehow my ex-fiance ended up falling in love right after we broke up and ended up getting married at what was supposed to be my wedding.” (Reddit user: mangus_falton)

Wedding JittersPaul Vasarhelyi /

21. Worst Birthday Ever: “My grandpa’s funeral ended up being scheduled on the day of my birthday. Not a great way to spend the day, but I still looked forward to hanging out with my wife after. Get home and my best friend is over and fuming. He tells me that our wives have been sleeping together. I thought he was crazy but then my wife broke down and confessed.” (Reddit user: Gifford)

Worst Birthday EverWAYHOME Studio /

22. Carnival: “I went to the local carnival with a group of friends that I had just started hanging out with. I made the mistake of eating a corndog that must have gone bad. Thought I was going to puke, but now it was worse. I felt uncontrollable diarrhea coming on and started to run to the bathroom. Ended up tripping and pooping myself. Everyone gathered to see if I was okay only to see one disturbing image. Oh, I should point out that I was wearing short shorts.” (Reddit user: Brieslava)

 CarnivalDe Repente /

23. Rough Landing: “We had driven a good while to visit this farm during the fall to pick out a pumpkin and all that seasonal stuff. When I got out of the car, my boyfriend slammed the door shut after me only to catch the tips of my fingers. I fell backward because of the pain and ended up rolling in horse poop. Some of it got in my mouth.” (Reddit user: [deleted])

Rough LandingVarnaK /


24. Sparkler Bomb: “I made the stupid decision of making a sparkler bomb, which ended up exploding and burning my brother all over his chest. We had to drive to the ER only to get sideswiped by some idiot running a red light. After 8 hours in the ER, we return home to find that our house was completely robbed. We left the front door open in panic.” (Reddit user: the_pie_guy)

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