Woman Drops Out Of Law School To Become Adult Film Star

A former law student, Ella Hughes, age 22, decided that adult entertainment would be her career choice. Ella Hughes was recently interviewed by BBCThree in the U.K. and had some pretty remarkable things to say about her experiences while obtaining her law degree.


“I always thought I’d be a lawyer, but when I was in my first year of studying law at university, things changed,” said Hughes. She reportedly would attend lectures all day from 9 AM to 7 PM, but despite her best efforts, she couldn’t find a way to earn money for herself. “I didn’t really need the money – I had a student loan,” said Hughes, “but I hate depending on people and always wanted my own money.”

According to Ella Hughes, she started down this path when modeling for photographers, who would then request she model several lingerie brands. Hughes said that she’s always been comfortable with her body, and even attended several S&M group parties. When asked about performing in adult entertainment, Hughes decided to try it out.

When asked about the reception, Hughes said “I thought no one would ever see my video and it would be fine. But actually, my first video had four million views.” After a while, the views and people seeing her perform became second nature to Hughes. However, her professors remarked that the Law world is a respectable one, and some people might not view her path as one that would help her in her field. In the end, Hughes chose Adult Entertainment.

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When asked about her decision to stay in the Adult Film industry, Hughes remarked that “It wasn’t an easy decision–”  and that, “depending on your profile, you can earn between £500 to £1,000 for a shoot – and up to £2,000 in America. I realized that by the time I finished my bar exams, I could have bought myself a house and car.”

In the end, Hughes decided that passing the bar exam may prove a gamble, and that are few guarantees that she’d even find a job when finishing university.

This struggle is one that many millennials have been dealing with over the last decade. With the job market in rough waters, Hughes chose a career path that would ensure her financial success in the coming years.

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