18+ Beauty Secrets on Instagram That Are Actually Genius

For the girl who is looking, beauty secrets are actually not that hard to find.

Whether it’s DIYs, wallet-friendly solutions or new tricks to add to your beauty routine to make you feel your best, the options are endless.

We’ve collected some of the best tips and tricks shared by beauty gurus and DIY masters on Instagram, from hair hacks to insider beauty secrets. How many will you try?

1. Not only does this makeup artist make winged liner look like a breeze, but she also shares an insider beauty secret to getting more prominent bottom lashes – fake them! The woman in the video uses her eyeliner on her top lid and then proceeds to draw on her bottom lashes. Sometimes mascara just doesn’t cut it!


2. It seems a little out of the ordinary, but creating a full hairline can really add to a slicked-back look. This beauty hack says to use eyeshadow close to your hair color to fill in more sparse areas, even making the hairline come down a little further on the forehead.


3. This simple makeup trick can make a huge difference to your eyes. If you’re looking to make your eyes look sultry and a little smaller, apply dark liner to both your top and bottom lids. But if you want to make your eyes appear bigger and more open, it’s actually better not to line them too much. Try using a lighter eyeliner on your top lid, or softening it out with eyeshadow. If you really want to make your eyes appear bigger, try using white eyeliner along your water line. This will really accentuate the whites of your eyes and make them appear more open.


4. This hair hack is a DIY you can easily put together at home; all you need is a stretchy headband. This Instagram user recommends drying and straightening your hair first, then wrapping it up in sections around the headband while your hair is still warm. Keep it in overnight and wake up to fresh, easy curls, only fixing any pieces if necessary.


5. It happens to the best of us. We all have that favorite bra we’re not willing to part with, even when we’ve worn and washed it so many times the underwire starts to poke through. This Instagram hack offers an easy solution to keep that bra lasting a little longer. All you need to buy (or find around the house) is some pain relief sheets with padding, cut a piece and apply over the wiring. 


6. Do you need a new lip color but don’t want to dish out the money for it? Here’s another DIY hack that will save you from going out and buying another lipstick. All you need is to take an eyeshadow you think would make a great lip color, mix in some vaseline and you’re done! Use your finger or a lip brush to apply.

Make the perfect lip color with Vaseline and your favorite eyeshadow #makeuphacks

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7. There’s nothing more frustrating than desperately wanting to tie your hair back and realizing you don’t have an elastic. This Instagram user shares an incredible trick to putting your hair in a braid – no elastic necessary! The best part is the result is actually pretty and wearable.

How to finish a braid without a hair tie #yas #hairhack #braids

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8. Mascara can be both a blessing and a curse. Although it makes our lashes look fuller, longer and bolder, it also has a very annoying tendency of ending up on a lot more than our lashes. We all know how frustrating it is to be applying mascara and having it end up on our top and bottom lids. But with this very accessible household item, you won’t have to worry about getting mascara all over your eyelids anymore! All you need is a spoon (yes, you read that right, a spoon) and use it to shield your top or bottom lid from getting hit with excess mascara. Voila! Perfect lashes without the cleanup.

9. Washing your makeup brushes can be a tedious task that many makeup lovers avoid. But making sure your brushes are clean is important for more reasons than you think. Not only does it help prevent acne or angry breakouts, it allows for a better color application, keeps your brushes feeling soft, avoids unwanted germs and even helps your brushes last longer! The best part is you don’t have to go out and buy expensive cleaners. This Instagram user shows an easy beauty hack to getting your brushes clean. All you need is olive oil and some dish soap!


10. Coffee is good in more ways than one! Not only does it provide us with fuel to get us through even the toughest of days, but it can make an excellent scrub for your skin! Coffee scrubs have several benefits including exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties and improved circulation. It can also be used to temporarily reduce cellulite, alleviate eye puffiness, and help smooth out skin. Ingredients vary and there are several different ways to make a DIY coffee scrub but common coffee scrub recipes include coconut oil, raw sugar and of course, coffee grounds. 


11. Mascara is a staple beauty product but it’s not always the most predictable and definitely not the longest lasting. If you notice the consistency of your mascara has begun to change (an easy sign that lets us know it’s going bad) this beauty hack will help stretch it out a little longer. All you have to do is add a few drops of oil to your mascara tube!


12. Beauty secrets are a great way to save money. Not only can they be used to help stretch out our favorite products, but they can also help us to create our own! Why spend money on a makeup bag or a makeup brush roll when you can make this one using a sushi mat or bamboo placemat (which only costs a few dollars) and an elastic fabric band (less than 1 yard)?

#makeuphack @dunia.tutorial

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13. Love a certain lipstick color but not feeling a glossy look? It’s actually extremely easy to turn any lipstick into a more matte finish, all while increasing your lipstick’s staying power. Just grab a tissue and place it on your freshly colored lips. Then, apply powder to the tissue. That’s it, you’re done!

14. Exfoliating and maintaining moisturized lips is the key to a good lipstick application. No matter how good the quality of a lipstick, if you’re applying the color to dry, chapped lips the lipstick can only do so much. This beauty secret says to apply lip balm and scrub your lips with a toothbrush, removing dry skin. This should help soften your lips and make it easier to apply your lipstick.

15. There are so many hair hacks out there, it’s hard to choose just one! This unique twist (literally) to your ponytail is a great way to dress up a pulled-back look.


16. This beauty hack is a savior! It’s hard not to go through eyeshadow palettes without dropping at least one of them. That dreaded moment when one falls and you’re wishing on everything that the eyeshadows didn’t break inside doesn’t have to be a scary moment any longer!  All you need is some Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol that can be found at your local pharmacy) and a spray bottle or dropper. Just smash up your eyeshadow into tiny pieces so it becomes a powder. Then fill that empty spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spray your eyeshadow with the alcohol. Take a coin (or something similar) that is the right size for your eyeshadow and wrap a tissue around it. Press the tissue-wrapped object into the eyeshadow as hard as you can to pack the powder back together. Hold for about 30 seconds, then gently take it off and let dry. Tip: If you’re repairing a shadow that is part of a palette, make sure to cover the rest of your colors so that they don’t get sprayed with the rubbing alcohol.


17. The highlight is the key to a dewy makeup look. This Instagram user shared an easy hack to make that highlight really pop. All you need to do is apply a liquid highlighter or strobe cream as a base before applying a powdered highlight overtop. A highlight is also an easy way to add to your contour and accentuate your best features. Try applying it down the bridge of your nose, on your cheekbones, over the inner corners of your eyes, onto your brow bone, on top of your cupid’s bow, and/or at the centers of your forehead and chin. 


18. Going to the hairdresser can be expensive and time-consuming, especially when all you need is a trim. Why not use this easy trick to trimming off those split ends? Just wrap a section of your hair in a very tight twist. Any hairs that you see sticking out are fair game! 


19. This one might seem a little crazy but could actually save many of you that have a problem with excess sweat! Underarm sweat pads can be placed directly on the underarm or onto clothing in order to prevent sweat stains. 

20. Last but not least, if you notice some discoloration or “dark spots” in some areas of your skin this DIY scrub can help lighten those areas right up! All you’ll need is a ground orange peel, yogurt and a spoon for mixing. Mix the ingredients together until they’ve made a paste consistency and then apply to trouble areas!

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