People Are Praising Kim Kardashian For Being Honest About This Family Photo

We can’t help it, Kim Kardashian is everywhere and it’s absolutely amazing. People just love watching her every move. Whether it’s keeping up with her family’s TV show, or following her latest trends, we love Kim K.

Well, moving from her sense of fashion to her gorgeous hair to her perfect makeup, her family is the next thing that people are loving to see. I mean, to say that her and Kanye’s family is goals is an understatement. They are a gorgeous family, with perfect style.

Ever since the third Kardashian-West baby was born, fans have been dying to see an updated family photo. I mean, we all want to see how the family looks with little Chicago West in the photo. She was born in January.

You can rely on Kim to give the fans what they ask for on her Instagram page. On Easter weekend, she posted an upgraded photo of her family and fans are in pure awe. They all look like fashion icons, including baby Chicago.

But what fans are loving, even more, is how real Kim’s caption was to the photo. Something that all us “regular” folks with kids can relate to. It has to do with taking a group photo and how challenging it can be for small kids.

You would think that people who are not a Kardashian-West are the only ones who experience kids crying while you try to take their picture. But nope, Kim is here to tell you that she experiences the exact same feeling.

In her caption, Kim gave her fans some behind-the-scenes details about making this photo possible. She revealed that getting the perfect shot was actually a pure nightmare. The mothers out there feel you girl! They totally feel ya!

She even took to her Twitter account, noting that emotions that day got the best of everyone mid photoshoot. She tweeted, “I don’t think you really understand how hard it is to take a good family pic. This was all we got before all three kids started crying. I think I cried too”.

Kim even went into more detail about the photo, noting that if you look closely you can tell that she’s gripping the back of her son Saint’s shirt. She did this to stop him from running off mid-photo.

She tweeted, “One hand holding the baby and the other hand grabbing the back of Saint’s shirt because he kept running away lol”. But leave it to Kim’s fans to analyze every detail of a Kardashian photo. One fan noticed that Ms. North West was actually standing on Kim’s foot.

But no one cared about the minor details of this photo. What fans really loved about it was how real Kim was and how relatable it truly was. One fan commented on Instagram, saying “I feel your pain! Family pics are so hard to take but the memories are so precious! Lovely pic”.

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