12 People Whose Level of Disappointment Couldn’t Be Explained With Words

Everyone experiences disappointments in their lives. Whether they are extremely dramatic and tense, or super minor and maybe even entertaining. Regardless, everyone experiences them and at the end of the day, they always manage to teach us valuable lessons.

But the fails that make us laugh or make other people laugh, are by far the best fails out there. Whether you order something online that wasn’t what you expected, or when things just don’t pan out the way they should have, we can still laugh about it at the end of the day.

If you aren’t exactly sure what I’m talking about, check out these 12 photos whose level of disappointment just couldn’t be explained with words. Some of them you will probably be able to relate to yourself, others will just brighten up your day. Enjoy!

1. Buying things online is always risky. Especially clothing or face products from random websites. This person should’ve kind of expected that she wouldn’t look like the adorable kitty in the package…oh well.

2. @Novosibirsk.flamp.ru submitted a photo of this cake, writing “We ordered a wedding cake. These are wedding rings on a cushion”. Wedding rings, or more like thick metal circles that look a little bit violent. Hopefully, it tasted good.

3. I hope for the sake of this person’s birthday, this was a very clever joke. Guessing it wasn’t THAT switch that they asked for a gift. I mean, it is a good song, but the Nintendo Switch is WAY better. Clever….very clever.

4. “My younger sister was so happy about her first day at school…until she realized that I couldn’t stay with her” (meriah_j/twitter.com). The first day of school is difficult for most kids. But it’s even worse when you don’t know what to expect and get surprised at the very last minute. Poor kid.

5. When your kid is a toddler, birthday parties are typically thrown for the parents. But as they get older, they understand what a birthday is and want their birthdays to be for them. This kid’s mom didn’t get the memo that her kid is old enough to understand that THIS birthday party was just not for him.

6. I think we can all relate to this failure when we get something in the mail. You get a package, you are super excited to open it and then BAM! You mess up opening the package. It just kills the entire mood. Also, at that point, you’d probably have to get a pair of scissors. Epic. Fail.

7. Social media exemplifies the true difference between the way you see things in your head and the reality of the situation. This girl wanted her friend to take a picture of her on the hammock, just like this girl on Instagram. Well, you can see what happened next.

8. “When you bought a gift on AliExpress” (4emadan/pikabu.ru). I mean, AliExpress is great for phone cases, accessories…etc. But I think what this photo taught us is to not get anything that has a saying on it. The people that work there don’t know English very well.

9. I don’t think this man is too happy with the way his wife dressed him that day, but at least she went down with him right? That’s true love right there. Dressing up in a crazy outfit for your wife, even though you know you are going to be miserable for the rest of the day.

10. I don’t know what these manufacturers do to the apple charges, but they do not last very long. At all. Some people even started ordering a bunch of them at a time (like this person in the photo)…but no matter how many you order, they all seem to be a fail.

11. “I ordered a sauna hat on the internet. You’ll never guess what I got: Cuban medicine made of scorpion venom” (meaganmday). I mean, a hat and a venom bottle are pretty much the same things, it’s understandable that they messed that up….just kidding, that’s a very scary fail.

12. Sometimes, if you are trying to be smart, people will take you literally. This person wrote, “In this cafe, they offer to put an egg into any dish for only 50 cents. I asked them to put it in my drink as a joke. I don’t know what I expected” (25dollars/reddit.com).

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