Male Who Suffered From Horrific Domestic Abuse Speaks Out As Ex-GF Is Jailed

What started out as young love ended up becoming a nightmare for Alex Skeel. He was tortured, stabbed and starved, all at the hands of his former girlfriend of 5 years, Jordan Worth. The UK pair lived together and shared two children. From what police have said, Skeel is lucky to be alive.

It all started with morbid “pranks”, like the time Worth told Skeel that his grandfather died when he hadn’t. She began to act very controllingly, supervising his social media and telling him who he could or could not hang out with. Eventually, she decided to destroy his cell phone altogether leaving him without any way to contact family or friends.

When the couple moved in together, that’s when things went from bad to worse. She made him sleep on the floor for nine months. “She’d wait until I was asleep then hit me on the head with a bottle. Then she moved on to a hammer. Started hitting me everywhere – shins, arms, head. She started stabbing me with a knife, hit me like it was a weapon. It would leave big gashes that were untreated,” Skeel said to TV hosts of the show This Morning.

It was worried neighbors who ended up calling the police. Medics who responded found Skeel full of burns from being doused with boiling water and stab wounds. After not eating a proper meal in almost a year, he only weighed 90 lbs.

Worth was arrested and Skeel was taken to safety.“I was told if I had stayed much longer I would have died. I had about ten days left,” he said.

Worth was jailed for seven-and-a-half years for grievous bodily harm with intent as well as coercive and controlling behavior. According to the BBC, this was the UK’s first conviction for coercive control involving a female offender.  

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