24 Hilarious Doctors That Prove Laughter Is The Best Medicine

If you think becoming a doctor is hard, just imagine how difficult BEING a doctor is. But, no matter how stressful it can get, it still is one of the most rewarding jobs out there. I mean, you are taking care of someone else’s life. That’s a lot of pressure!

However, just because you are a doctor, doesn’t mean your days have to always be so serious and stressful. You can make your days a little more…fun, with some humor and playfulness. There are a ton of doctors out there who have a way of making their patients feel EXCITED to see them. Regardless how minor or major their issues are. I don’t know about you, but when I go see my dentist, I always leave his office…happy. Because he’s HILARIOUS.

If you still aren’t sure what I’m talking about, here are 24 doctors who are clearly aware that laughter is the best medicine. So if you are having a “blah” kinda day, take a few minutes and stop what you are doing. These are sure to put a smile on your face.

1. Let’s look at the first doctor who is a full believer that laughter is the best medicine. This hospital T-rex is giving the annoyed patients in the waiting room a friendly reminder. It for sure turned their frowns upside downs for having to wait in the waiting room for an hour or two. Well…at least I hope it did!

2. I’m not sure how many times a day doctors are asked to write a note for their patients for work or for school. I know I’ve asked for my fair share of sick notes for missing an exam at school. Well, this doctor decided to put a funny spin on this note. This person’s friend requires a doctor’s note for missing a day of work!


3. Reddit user @Fatcatsympathy posted this photo of his cousin, writing “My cousin’s costume. He’s a dentist…and Yes, He’s at work”. I know if I walked in and saw my dentist dressed like this, I would not be able to get through the appointment without continuously laughing. Guess the tooth fairy does exist!

4. “Friend’s daughter is afraid of monsters in her closet. The Doctor had the pharmacy fill this for her” (Reddit user). This is not only the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s also the sweetest thing that a doctor could have done. Guess the pharmacy also had a huge role in making this possible. How hilarious!

5. When you are going into labor, you can get a doctor who is pretty serious and doesn’t leave much of an impression personality wise. Or you can get a doctor who is completely hilarious and that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. This doc CLEARLY had an impression right at the door!

6. Imagine sitting in the waiting room at your dentist and seeing THIS photo on the wall. I hope this wasn’t a kid’s dental office. Probably freaked out a few people but it definitely got the point across. Technically it’s an accurate before and after shot as well. So anyone who doesn’t care to see their Dentist…go see them.

Reddit @Kiffmeizter

7. Doctor offices always have some sort of illustrations on the type of pain you might be experiencing and what it could mean. Well, this Doctor decided to step it up a notch and ADD to the simple illustration. Hopefully, the patients have a sense of humor and didn’t freak out on the “too serious for numbers” picture. YUCKS!

Reddit @SleepyPaladin

8. Stool samples can be super awkward and weird. I don’t know about you but doing those specific tests and then bringing them to the clinic…in public….can be brutal. But this clinic specifically decided to add some humor to this situation. It’s a bit of a dad joke but funny nonetheless. A little cheesy humor never hurt anybody!

9. This doctor’s office decided to give a reality check to all the kids out there. Not sure how the kids handled it, but the parents definitely had a good laugh. I mean, this sign is so true. Parents make kids think that they get the shot for the lollipop after. But let’s be real, they get the shot to prevent getting really sick!

10. Reddit user @Caesar100 posted this photo of a doctor, writing “My uncle sent me this picture of his prosthesis doctor”. This picture says it all. That this doctor is ready to make people feel good, ready to put a smile on their faces and is super enthusiastic about his job. That’s how everyone should approach their jobs. That’s the right attitude!

11. A lot of us have probably wondered if the hospital gets into the Halloween spirit, especially when they are dealing with something so serious and beautiful as childbirth. Well, I think this picture says it all. This particular woman was having a baby on Halloween night, and the Joker decided to deliver her baby. Hopefully, it made the delivery process more bearable.

12. Reddit user @Kukhura posted this photo, writing “Sink at my fertility Doctor’s office in the “collection room”. This woman either had a good laugh at this or was slightly grossed out by it. Those who were grossed out by it probably had no interest in washing their hands in a large sperm sink. But for the most part, I’m sure people got a great laugh out of it. Hilarious!

Reddit @krkhura

13. “My 2-year-old niece who has been hospitalized passed the time by playing operation with her doctor and Dora the Explorer. All scrubbed up and ready for surgery!” (daddyphatsaks). If this photo doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will! This Doctor has a heart of gold and makes this little girl not feel like she’s trapped in the hospital! So sweet.

14. Again, when you are at the doctor’s office, you always notice all these different types of posters. Some illustrating different viruses patients may experience, some illustrating different type of sores people may have. Well, this doctor noticed that his patient looks a lot like the guy in his illustration in the rooms. So, the patient decided to take a selfie with it!

15. Okay, this is funny, but also it’s PURE GENIUS. When you are at the Dentist, often times staring up at the ceiling while getting your teeth cleaned can get super boring. And let’s be real, seeing the television in the office can get kinda tricky. Well, this doctor decided to get creative and put up a “Where’s Wally” poster up top. That’ll make the time FLY!

16. It’s really great when you find a job that you love and that you are passionate about. This doctor CLEARLY loves his job and the pen says it all. Reddit user Deen5526 wrote, “My wife is pregnant and today was her first ultrasound, this was the doctor’s pen”. I mean, if you look at it, it is kind of cool. This doctor must really love what they do if they get customized pens like that!

17. When you and your partner gets pregnant, it is the most exciting time. But it also can be a nerve-wracking and stressful time as well. All that anticipation, all those appointments, all those questions that are floating around your head. Well, this doctor not only listed out some popular questions asked, he also answer them as well. It probably released a bit of nerves from most of his patients with a good laugh.

18. “My coworker got his wisdom teeth removed the other day, the doctor said he would take a funny picture while he was under Anesthesia…My God” (snowcommander). This doctor is pure GOLD. I wonder what the patient was thinking while he was under anesthesia. Probably messed a bit with his head…this photo is too funny!

19. “We had our lecture on “Giving bad news” at Medical School today. The doctor ended the hour with these…” (Amazon). A lot of us non-medical people have always wondered how doctors go about telling people bad news. It can’t be easy. I’m sure these students only remembered these posters within the hour of the lecture. Again, laughter is the best medicine.

20. Getting stitches is never a fun time. Regardless how many you are getting. The process prior to the stitches, during the stitches and after is just all highly unpleasant. Well, this person got lucky with their stitches. They got a medical professional who had a huge sense of humor. This probably made the entire process a lot easier.

21. The waiting in the doctor’s office can be a tedious experience. Then when you finally get a room, you have to continue waiting for a few minutes or more. If you are lucky enough, however, you can land in a room like this person did. Look closely, there’s a sign that says “you will obey and wash your hands”. Silly!

Reddit @bootlady

22. The more serious the medical practice is, the more humor the doctor has for his patients. To make the difficult process much easier. Check out this particular doctor. Reddit user rjdrjdl wrote, “Just got a vasectomy. Doctor gives you a complimentary bag of nuts afterwards”. I mean, if this isn’t the best “medicine”, I don’t know what is!

23. Sometimes, we go to our doctors to get a reality check about our health and our lifestyle. There are those doctors who have a way of adding humor to stuff that might not be the comfiest to tell a patient. Some humor to the brutal truth. This poster, in particular, says it all. So the next time you complain about your weight, just check out this photo.

24. If you want to get new patients to come into your office, you got to have the perfect marketing tactics. You know, to get people’s attention. Especially if your practice is something that people dread going to…no offense. Check out this particular doctor. They decided to spice up their sign outside the building. Definitely caught their attention.

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