Former Doctor Who Actor Makes Controversial Statement Regarding New Female Doctor Who

Former Doctor Who Actor Peter Davison is facing controversy after recently putting the latest Doctor Who actress on blast. Although he did not mock Jodie Whitaker’s talents and said that she was a ‘terrific actress’, he made some tasteless comments at the San Diego comic con last Thursday. He expressed that he was ‘sad’ that young boys would be losing a role model that he felt was important.

‘If I feel any doubts, it’s the loss of a role model for boys who I think Doctor Who is vitally important for,’ he said. The 66-year-old star and the sixth doctor who successfully portrayed the Time Lord in 1984.

Davison also expressed that he feels sad and upset that the role of the Doctor has been given to a woman. He then added that he liked the idea of the Doctor being played by a boy, but ‘maybe I’m an old-fashioned dinosaur, who knows?’

At least he realizes that his opinions are dated. With several role models for young boys such as Superman and Batman being two of hundreds, why can’t the Doctor be a female this time? A different former Doctor had something else to say. Keep on reading to see what Colin Baker had to say about Davison’s comment.

Davison’s opinions were criticized by another former Doctor who represented the Time Lord, actor Colin Baker. According to the Daily Mail, he said that the comments were ‘absolute rubbish.’ ‘They’ve had 50 years of having a role model. So sorry Peter, you’re talking rubbish there–absolute rubbish.’

The 77-year-old actor played the 6th Doctor in the series and has always been behind the idea of a woman eventually taking over the role. With four daughters himself, it’s no wonder he’s supportive of this cause. He also has expressed that he hopes to see a non-white doctor in the near future. ‘Well you don’t have to be of the gender of someone to be a role model.’ he said.  ‘Can’t you be a role model for people?’

The announcement of a female Doctor was also praised by the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi. There will always be people who are caught up in old times and who may need to rethink their outlook on certain politics, it’s reassuring to know that there are more people speaking up for the correct rights and reasons.

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