Bride Turns To Groom’s Ex-Wife During The Wedding And Baffles Crowd By Having Her Stand Up

Some breakups can be tough and brutal but mature adults are able to overcome these challenges. While some people actively avoid their ex in real life and on social media, others are much more comfortable with being around their significant other’s former partner. And that is precisely what Katie Hild did. It was during her own wedding when she was giving her wedding vows where she had her groom’s ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend stand up.

Her emotional and touching vows left almost everyone in tears.

When she had Casey and Tyler stand up, a lot of people were curious as to what was about to happen.

Katie and Jeremy were set to get married but when Katie said yes to Jeremy she knew that there was also another part of Jeremy that she had to take into account.

It was his son, Landon. Along with Landon, there is also Landon’s mother and Jeremy’s ex, Casey, as well as Casey’s boyfriend, Tyler.

So realizing the responsibility that Katie had as both a mother and a co-parent she decided to dedicate a part of her wedding vows to both Casey and Tyler.

In an interview, she said: ‘co-parenting means sharing the duties of a child. So, I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing. I not only vowed to Jeremy. I gave a vow to Casey and Tyler.’

She went on: ‘then I vowed to Landon, and then to Jeremy. I wasn’t just going into a marriage with Jeremy and needed his trust and respect, but I needed Casey’s and Tyler’s, too. One thing I promised, was to be ONE family, always. I know without hesitation, we will never break that promise.’

As sniffles could be heard around the church, Katie began to say thank you to Casey for accepting her as a friend and also for allowing her into their family.

Katie then went on her knees to say her vows to Landon. She told the young boy how much she loved him and promised to ‘protect and hold Landon whenever he needed.’

She concluded by saying to Landon: ‘I promise that we will be one big happy family for the rest of your life.’

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