24 Times Moms Made Us Laugh By Doing The Mommiest Things Ever

A bond between a child and their mother is one of the most special bonds there is. We get to know them on a personal level and know their quirks. That being said, most moms have some of the same quirks that will always make us laugh.

Whether this is sending an innocent text that was slightly inappropriate or by censoring us to images even though we are fully grown.

Below is a list of 24  times moms had us laugh by doing the mommiest things ever.

1. Power Cord Problems: A lot of moms have trouble figuring out certain electronics. For some moms, this can be as simple as knowing how to turn on a power cord. After being called by her mother saying their power cord wasn’t working, this child arrived to notice the cord was never turned on. What a classic mom thing to do.


2. Making Herself The Mom Of All Species: Let’s face it, moms love being moms. They will continue caring for you and everything around you. So it’s no surprise that this mother decided to include the spider into their Christmas celebrations. After this mom found a spider web in the house she put up a Christmas tree for the spider, so it felt like one of the family.

3. When Moms Joke: We all know that mothers are the most caring people in this world. And your mom in particular will move mountains to protect you and make you happy. But that doesn’t mean they won’t tease you from time to time. This kid knows a lot about being teased by their mom. And we have to admit, this is one hilarious mom.

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4. When Moms Think Those Leaves are Different Leaves: When we start growing up our moms know that we start knowing about different things in the world. They want to keep up with all the new things relevant to us. So this mom tried to stay ‘in the now’ with her kid. The only mistake was that she wasn’t entirely accurate in her prediction. Like most moms.

5. Not Knowing Star Wars Characters: This son has been hanging a Chewbacca ornament on the family Christmas tree for years. When he finally asked his mother why it was being placed on the tree, she told him she thought it was a gingerbread man. This made us laugh so hard because it reminds us of all the times our mothers didn’t know characters from Star Wars.

6. When Moms Don’t Want Anything Dirty: Moms spend a lot of time maintaining the house and cleaning. This is especially true when cleaning the kitchen. So after this mother spent her time cleaning she made it clear that her children should not dirty it. Let’s face it, we have all heard this from our parents before. And we will probably hear it all again.


7. When They Match You And Your Pet: Moms know that we have immense love and attachment to our pets. That why this guy’s mom made matching ties for him and his cat for his birthday. Although this is really random and funny we can’t help but see the care and sincerity behind this lovely gift. What a great mom!


8. They Are Cat Lovers: There is something that every mom does and it’s hilarious. When they are alone with a cat or dog, and they think no one is listening, they have conversations with them. This kid heard his mother talking outside and thought that she was having a conversation with someone. Only to find her talking to the house cat.

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9. When They Don’t Know What Pokemon Is: This mom knew that her daughter’s favorite show was pokemon and wanted to surprise her with a pikachu cake for her birthday. When the daughter received the cake it turned out her mother got a pig shaped cake instead. We have all been there when our moms have made a slight mistake but their intention was always to make us happy. So we always forgive them no matter how funny the mistake is.

10. Mother Censoring Screen: We all know that no matter how old we get our mothers will always treat us like children. That’s what happened to this son who experienced his mother censoring him when they were watching TV. Boobs popped up on the screen and his mother quickly put a towel over the screen to stop him from seeing them, even though he was 22 years old.

11. I Can’t Play The Video: When this son sent a photo to his mother through text she thought it was a video. We can’t really blame her though, the pizza was designed to look like it had a play button in the center. After hitting her phone screen for a while she sent a message back to her kid telling them that the video just wouldn’t play.

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12. They Are Always Caring: No matter what you do to your mom, they will always care for you in return. When this daughter told her mom that she was sick, she woke up to a bunch of medicine, tissues and canned food to help her feel better. We have all been there when your mom will nurse you back to health. They even do it when they can’t be around.

13. Buying Back To School Gifts: We have said this before, moms will always look at you as children even when you are grown adults. That’s what happened to this brother and sister when they headed back to college. Their mother bought them back to school gifts that were princess and superman themed. If this doesn’t make you laugh, we don’t know what will.

14. What To Do With Yoda?: This guy’s dad bought a Yoda ornament the previous Christmas season. And his mother found the perfect place to put Yoda this Christmas season. She placed him right near the ornaments. A lot of the time moms don’t know Star Wars characters, which is why we can’t stop laughing at the fact that this mother placed Yoda in his rightful place.

15. Most Recent Taken Photo: When you look through your mom’s phone, you might be scared what you will find. But come on, they’re your mom. There can’t be many things that will shock you. Just like this kid found out. When looking at the last image taken by their mother they found this portrait of the house cat. How much more of a mother could this mom get?

16. Bird Playhouse: When this mom got pet birds she decided to have some fun with them. She placed them inside a play house and took photos of them. The only thing that can get more mom than this is sending the photos to her kid. Which is exactly what she did. We can’t help but think what our moms would do if they had pet birds and a playhouse for them.

17. Staying At Mom’s Place: When you have been away from home for a while your mom misses you. So when you let her know that you are coming home to visit she will immediately get prepared for your stay. This is what this guy found out when he went back home to visit. He was left with his childhood sheets wrapped around the couch for him to sleep on. That’s moms being moms.

18. Don’t Trust What Your Mom Texts: A lot of mothers don’t know what LOL means. That’s what happened to this mother when she sent a message to her kid telling them their aunt passed away. She thought LOL meant lots of love, not laugh out loud. We can all say that this isn’t only this mom. We have all had out mom texts that misused LOL.

19. New Oven Addiction: Moms are always buying things for their families and rarely for themselves. So when this mother got herself a new oven that came with a window, she was ecstatic. She ended up sitting on the floor watching her food cook. We have all had a mom moment like this when they were so happy to finally get something new that they wouldn’t leave it for a second.

20. This Is How You Clean A Shirt: This should be a lesson to all of us, our mothers will never stop telling us how to clean. When this man had on a dirty shirt his mother was quick to clean it, even if she didn’t have the right supplies to do so. We all know that moms are pretty inventive when it comes to new cleaning techniques. And we have all been in this guy’s shoes before, minus the vacuum.

21. When They Get A Snapchat: Moms are always trying to keep up with new technology and the latest social media trend. So when this girl’s mom got snapchat, she was every mother who has snapchat. This mom would constantly send out snapchats of her pet with frames and filters. We all know that this is a trend among all of our moms who have a snapchat account. And the snaps always make us laugh.

22. Heart Shaped Knitting: All of our moms have an innocence about them that their children, and most of society, don’t. So when this mom knitted a heart shaped bookmark she only saw a heart shaped bookmark. Yet her kid and all of us saw something else. We can help but laugh at the fact that moms are innately oblivious to things like this.

23. Funny Mom Texts: When your mom knows how to text they are always saying the right things, and constantly keeping it positive. This always makes us happy which is what our moms want. No matter what this daughter said her mother always came back to tell her that she was the best thing in the world. And even when her daughter told her she was old, she turned it around saying that she was really the coolest. Mom’s always know how to make us laugh.

24. Not Knowing What A Screenshot Is: New technology terms can confuse moms. This mother couldn’t figure out what a screenshot was. So she improvised and scanned the phone through the scanner, onto a piece of paper. This is one of the funniest things we have ever seen a mother do. We just hope that her kid taught her what an actual screenshot was after this happened.

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