Zoos Are Posting Hilarious Amazon-Like Reviews Of Their Animals, And We Can’t Get Enough

Recently the Oregon Zoo caught Twitter’s attention when it started tweeting animal reviews on its feed. Animals that could be found at the zoo were being tweeted with individual reviews not dissimilar to Amazon product reviews. Each animal review was tagged with the hashtag #rateaspecies. It was not long before other Twitter users caught on.

All of these animal reviews follow the same format, where the user rates an animal out of five stars and gives a brief description of why they rated the animal well or not. The tweets that have been produced by the #rateaspecies hashtag are hilarious and feature some great images of animals.

Below are just some of the great tweets that have come about as a result of the Oregon Zoo’s animal reviews. From other zookeepers to the average pet owner, everyone seems to be getting in on the fun of posting an animal review. Is there any better way to let someone know what you think of animals? Probably not.

1. It’s always disappointing when the thing you order isn’t even the right color, but at least the California Academy of Sciences eventually realized that their animal was cool.

2. This is one of the original animal reviews from the Oregon Zoo. In many ways you could describe an owl the same as a good Bluetooth speaker: they can both definitely make a lot of noise at night.

3. Like the owl, a parrot could also be reviewed like a piece of sound equipment; in this case, a voice recorder. However, the sound quality will never be that great.

4. How can you complain about your order when it comes with a smaller (and cuter) spare? You definitely can’t, which is why kangaroos are actually the best.

5. Yes, dolphins are very smart, but what does that mean for us? One day they might just come to reclaim the land for all we know. Until then, they are pretty fun to look at.

6. You have to imagine that a grizzly bear would always get a good review. After all, they are one of the most powerful (and scary) animals roaming the woods.

7. You wouldn’t expect something so fluffy and small to turn into something so formal and distinguished, but the thing with baby penguins is they require a lot of patience.

8. Reading these animal reviews from people who don’t quite know how to classify their animals is pretty hilarious, especially when they describe the specific features.

9. To be fair, the word “dragonfly” can be very misleading. Not only are these small but formidable bugs not scaly, they don’t even breathe fire.

10. Who wouldn’t be happy with a pet water bear? These microscopic animals, also known as tardigrades, can survive in even the harshest conditions on earth.

11. A platypus would be a fairly confusing animal to receive as an order. It barely makes sense in the wild! On top of all its crazy features, it is also venomous (it is from Australia, after all).

12. Let a sleeping lion lie. That’s not how the saying actually goes, but it is really good advice. They don’t call these guys the kings of the jungle for nothing.

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