24 Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Mess With Your Head

Sometimes you don’t need expensive photography gear in order to capture the perfect picture. Every once in a while you get lucky and you’re in the right place at the right time.

Capturing a perfectly timed photo isn’t something that happens often, but when it does, it feels like the stars are aligning.

We’ve collected a few pictures that show that it’s not always about what kind of camera you have. Sometimes it’s about the opportunity.

1) This firefighter had no idea when he was climbing that ladder that the wing behind him would make him look like an angel. The photo is doubly powerful – not only does it make it look like this man can fly, but he was also heaven-sent when he saved the people stuck in the building. He doesn’t just look like an angel, but he IS the angel they needed. This photo has been captured right on time. As far as we’re concerned, firefighters and EMTs are all angels. They swoop in and save lives while risking their own lives. Their only reward is helping others. This particular firefighter is helping people in Peru, however, because of the powerful nature of the photo, it has been used as a symbol during the Mexican earthquakes. And a beautiful symbol it is! If you get the chance, thank the brave men and women who risk it all to save others.

2) When the timing is right, the most ordinary scenes can look extraordinary. Exhibit A: this photo of a tree in a field. The sun hit it perfectly and the rays are shining through the gaps in the leaves, making the tree glow up almost magically. It looks like if you touch the tree, it’ll transport you to another century.

3) This is one powerful bumblebee, carrying the sun all on its own… or the timing was right. Whoever caught this photo must’ve had skill with a camera, it couldn’t have just been captured right on time. The angle that the photo was taken looks like from the ground up so it looks like the result was intended.

4) This person was taking a random picture of his mother when this picture was taken. The photo looks like a scene from the M. Night Shyamalan film “The Village”. The form that the blanket took is incredibly creepy. What makes it so spooky is the hood that looks like where the head is hiding under.

5) Here is a photo of the pier sunset. Photos like this make you marvel at how exquisite nature is. The picture has the effect of making the bridge look like a light portal or a kind of doorway to heaven. Hopefully, the person was wise enough to make prints because this photo should definitely be framed.

6) This picture perfectly captures the struggles of being a substitute teacher. Not only is it a perfectly timed photo, but it’s also incredibly accurate. Just by looking at his expression, you can tell that he’s feeling helpless. He looks like he’s on his way to giving up on the whole class.

7) This photo is a hawk who #wokeuplikethis. It’s a bit creepy but you can think of it as the modern version of a mythological creature if you are so inclined. A bird head, with a human body taking a selfie – the timing is right.

8) This guy captured a photo of a man on the train whose headphones are taking the shape of a treble clef. Now let’s all imagine that this man takes the train every day and arranged his headphone in this fashion so that he may one day be noticed by the internet and famed for his headphone arrangement.

9) So this person’s toilet is glowing like it has the power to take you into the Ministry of Magic if you flush. Why the sun is shining its rays specifically into the toilet bowl is a question that no one will ever be able to answer. Step right up, it looks like it’s time to go on a quest.

10) This lucky person snapped a shot of a truck trying to steal the sun. We finally have the answer to why the sun disappears every evening. Some guy with a truck comes along and takes the sun away for the night. That’s probably also how the moon disappears in the morning. #ConspiracyTheories

11) This dad is a hero! What a perfectly timed photo. The kid was busy checking Snapchat (as kids do), and this dad just swooped in with one arm to save the day. As you can tell by the kid’s gaping mouth, he wouldn’t have had any idea what was happening even if the bat did hit him. Don’t baseball and phone, kids.

12) A perfectly timed photo of a wave that looks like it’s alive and slimy and ready to swallow you whole. It looks like what a snail would look like without a shell. Is it satisfying or disturbing? It can be both. You can say it looks like both.

13) Honestly, this looks like it was taken on two separate occasions before the man got a haircut and after. If that’s what you thought, you are WRONG. This is the same day, same time, same place. Just a woman standing behind him. The dude looks pretty sombre though – with or without the hair.

14) This looks like one hell of a Christmas tree topper, or maybe the code for the matrix is glitching, or maybe we’re all stuck in a really bad episode of “The Twilight Zone”. In actuality, all of the wind turbines just aligned in this perfectly timed photo. The result is pretty epic if we do say so ourselves.

15) If you thought The Weeknd’s hairstyle was a little intense, check this one out. This man has a tree growing out of the top of his head. The timing is right – it’s just so right. Did someone say trendsetter? That is truly excellent hair, just top-notch.

16) This is just adorable. This little pony is testing out brunette locks on its head before taking the plunge and dying it brown. Meanwhile, mama-horse doesn’t care at all and barely even notices. Maybe little pony just has tale-envy. It has a point, tbh. That mane is something to aspire to.

17) The lightning is striking a plane as it flies through a rainbow. What the hell are the chances that all three of those things would happen at once and someone would be there to capture it? Slim to none is the answer – this person got the money shot. The lighting is riding the rainbow, not sure how Metallica would feel about that.

18) This is a gorgeous nature photo that was captured right on time. It was the exact moment when a trout ate a Mayfly, just a second before the water tension gave way and the trout broke the surface. The picture has the strange effect of looking slow-motion just as the dimensions were melding together.


19) This person was watching TV with their feet up when the actor goes “what are those?” Honestly, fair question. Even the TV judges you. They do look warm and comfortable though, so maybe just ignore your TV like you ignore the haters and do what you wanna do.

20) Here is a photo of a mom who had one too many, and spilled her drink right on her son’s head. This is when she noticed that she could no longer control what was about to happen, her son still doesn’t have a care in the world, and the man sitting next to her has no idea what was happening. Perfect timing.

21) This guy’s friend took a perfectly timed photo at the beach and shared it with us all. It is truly a gift. Apparently birds like ice cream too. Although it’s difficult to tell whether the look on its face is enjoyment, shock (because it’s cold), or if that’s just the default seagull look.

22) Here is a perfectly timed photo of dodge flying through a portal. How majestic, how lovely, how FURRY. Beautiful coat of shininess, much determination on the flying fluffy fluffers on. He is a furry sausage, he is a dogerrito, he is coming to save the day and his legs are hidden.

23) Here is a perfectly timed photo of the birdman IRL. This picture is so great. The Birdman is on a mission, nothing will distract the birdman. The Birdman is tired of flying so the Birdman will walk in flats instead. Or maybe the Birdman is getting a running start to take off.

24) This person was trying to take a picture of the sunset while driving and the bird ruined his shot. First of all, sir, the bird made your shot better. Second of all, maybe you shouldn’t be taking photos while you’re driving? Just a suggestion. The winner here is the bird.

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