This Man Turns Himself Into Disney Characters, He Mimics Their Expressions Perfectly

Man Turns Himself Into Disney Characters, He Mimics Their Expressions Perfectly

People have been dressing up in costumes for centuries, but the term cosplay was originally coined in Japan around the mid-80s. Fans of any franchise known to man, enjoy dressing up as their favorite characters to show off their design skills and costume choices.

It almost becomes a matter of bragging rights when it comes to certain costumes, and there are even competitions for the best or most accurate DIY costumes at many different conventions.

Instagram user, Jonathan Stryker (@strykerkun) is an international cosplay artist, showing off some of the best and simplest costumes the world has ever seen. His recent series showing off some famous Disney Princes puts a spotlight on our favourite male Disney characters that don’t get as much attention as their Princess counterparts do in the cosplay world.

Flynn Rider: Here, J. Stryker shows us that in order to sell a costume, sometimes you need to nail a character’s expression. Here he is dressed as Flynn Rider from Disney’s Tangled.

Milo: What might be one of Disney’s more underrated films, here, J. Stryker absolutely kills it as Milo from Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Emperor Kuzco: Another example of J. Stryker’s amazing ability to express himself, he cosplayed as Emperor Kuzco from The Emperor’s New Groove, truly capturing the hilarity and smugness of the character.

Tarzan: We can hear the call of the jungle, as J. Stryker shows us all his very athletic figure in the form of Disney’s Tarzan.

Aladdin: J. Stryker can certainly show us the world, with his cosplay as Disney’s Aladdin. He can seemingly transform into any character using minimal materials and his body. Very impressive.

Prince Eric: One of the most underrated and most handsome Disney Princes has to be Eric from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. There seems to be no stopping J. Stryker and his portrayal of our favourite Disney characters.

Hercules: More like HUNKules. J. Stryker pulls off the suave Greek hero with a fantastic costume, however, there’s no need to dress up his natural biceps. If Disney were to release a live-action version of Hercules, he could easily pull it off!

Simba: Can you feel the love for Cosplay tonight? J. Stryker shows us that he can even pull off animal characters as well, dressing up as Simba from Disney’s The Lion King. Cosplay is so awesome. We can’t wait to see what J. Stryker has in store for us next!

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