Guy’s Texts About Psycho Boss Are A Waking Nightmare

Almost everyone has had to deal with a boss who was (or is) difficult. Whether they micromanage you or act in passive-aggressive ways, these bosses can make your work life exhausting.

Of course, there are varying degrees to how unpleasant a boss can be. Often, the situation is tolerable. There are ways to appease your boss so that you can have even a small slice of peace.

In some cases, however, a boss can be so brutal that they not only use you in the most manipulative way but seem to derive pleasure from the trouble they cause you. Here is a great example of an exploitative manager:

In a text conversation, the guy describes his boss’ reaction when he complained about the unreasonable expectations that were placed on him.

He explains that he told his boss that he wanted to talk about the unfairness of having to cover too many shifts that were last minute.

His friend agreed that his grievance is reasonable and asked what his boss had to say. At this point, his boss remained almost eerily quiet throughout his explanation. He describes that she stared at him “like one of those stares where you’re so unamused that your eyes are only half open and you’re cold as ice.”

Since she remained quiet, the guy added that if his schedule wasn’t going to be fair, he would begin looking for another job. His boss seemed untroubled by his warning and instead received it as somewhat of an ultimatum.

He also added that one of his coworkers had vacation time approved 4 times in the past year while he hadn’t been approved for vacation once in 3 years. In addition, he was required to cover that coworker’s vacation while still working his own shifts.

After grinning at his obvious hardships, his boss listed several reasons why she was confident that no matter how poorly she treated her employee, he was unlikely to quit.

Instead of trying to work with her employee to reach a compromise, her response was apathetic and manipulative as she called his bluff of quitting.

This boss is beyond uncompromising. As his friend said, “she’s not just savage… She sounds psychotic”. Hopefully, he has found a way out of this toxic situation and is in a workplace that respects and values his time.

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