24 People Reveal The Most Mortifying Thing They’ve Said Out Loud

The Most Mortifying Thing

Have you ever heard of the saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all?”

Well, sometimes people end up saying mortifying things that should have either been left unsaid or said in their minds.

Below you will find people who reveal the most mortifying things that they, unfortunately, said out loud.

1. We’ve all been caught in the rain without an umbrella. Whether it was forgotten, or the weather decided to turn a good day into a bad day. This one person was listening to a classmate complain about how soaking wet she was. Their response was “Oh don’t act like this is the first time you’ve ever been wet around me.” (Hardtopickaname)

2. When it comes to complimenting women, sometimes what we think is the right thing to say, can actually be the wrong thing. Take this one husband; he said to his wife “You look really pretty today.” (M_Brambo) But apparently, his wife took it as “you look ugly every day except today.”

 When it comes to complimenting womenZoomTeam/shutterstock.com

3. There is nothing more blessing than having a child. This one individual was with his friend while he was holding his infant child. In his head, he said that the father was lucky that his child was born at a time when modern medicine is advancing. But what he actually said to his friend was “I wonder how long she’ll live.” (OtherLutris)

4. Sometimes when we say things out loud, we don’t always think if the people hearing it really know the context of it. This one person said to an entire group of high school students from their church “I’ve got the herps.” (Anthony) What the person really meant was that he had a combination of the hiccups and the burps.

 a combination of the hiccups and the burps.PhotoMediaGroup/shutterstock.com

5. Understanding women can be complicated, especially when we speak to them. This one husband told his wife “I didn’t marry you for your looks.” (Phatlad) He was attempting to compliment her intelligence.

Understanding women can be complicatedstockfour/shutterstock.com

6. Going to the dentist can be frightening for the patient. But after this one visit, I think it was the dentist who might have been scared. The dentist and hygienist were both looking at the person’s teeth when they abruptly said: “I can only handle one person in my mouth at a time.” (tomato stew)

7. When a relationship ends, it’s devastating for both parties, especially for close loved ones. It can beneficial to talk about it, but this one individual may have taken it too far. They were at Denny’s having a meal when the sister said: “You know what Bryan used to love?” She was talking about food, but this individual responded with “you?” (CaptMurphy)

8. Having a wedding can be a stressful time, especially for the bride and her bridesmaids. This one person’s brother in law, who is Indian, told one of his sisters that “she looked really fat in her dress.” (SnowyG) To him it was a compliment; he was just trying to tell her it fitted her well. To her, it was apparently the most insulting thing she’d ever heard.

9. When someone experiences a tragic loss, people will do anything to help cheer them up. This one individual tells a story about a childhood incident when their friend’s mom passed away. He loved Batman, so his friend said to him “You’re only one parent away from being like Batman.” (blinkooo)

10. When you start dating someone; it’s best to slowly ease into sharing things. It’s like an interview; you want to show them why you’re a good applicant. This one person said this on their second date: “I’m proud of my ability to talk people into things. One day, I’ll talk you into something and you will be so ashamed.” (Poop_sauce)

11. When it comes to talking about weight, it can be a very delicate subject; which is why you need to choose your words carefully. This one individual did not; when a girl mentioned she wanted to become a personal trainer, this person replied: “Don’t you have to be fit to be a personal trainer?” (IAmTheBaneFish)

12. When you have just become engaged with your partner, the last thing you want to do is give them a reason to get cold feet. This one person told their fiancé: “My life would be exactly the same whether you were in it or not.” (Squashedfrog462) Apparently, the person was making reference to house chores, I wonder if they ever got married?

13. This incident is another example of how some things get misinterpreted wrong. This person was in art class and their art teacher was missing half of her right arm. So when she was carrying some equipment, this person decided to ask “Do you need a hand?” (nickybu) The whole class apparently gave this person a terrible look. But the teacher was a good sport about the comment and replied: Well, I need half.”

14. With all the misinterpreted comments you’ve heard already, this one will make you smack your head with your palm. This person was going to the airport and they had packed too much stuff in their carry-on bag. So when the TSA officer was searching the bag, this person said: “Careful when you open that, it might explode.” (areola)

15. Another incident where someone is insensitive to another person was when this individual touched a girl’s face and said: “I’d think you were pretty if I was blind.” (LaCuevaMan)

16. When someone comes home from rehab, the goal is to not tempt them with whatever they were addicted to. This person and their group of friends had a party to celebrate a friend returning from rehab for anorexia. After she arrived, this person took out some bagel bits and yelled: “I hope everyone’s hungry.” (sack potatoes)

17. When a woman is pregnant, they are very critical of their weight. This husband made the ultimate mistake. He and his wife were getting ready to go to a wedding. His wife put on her dress and said she felt fat. The husband responded by saying “You don’t look any different than you usually do.” (DrMonkeyLove)

 a woman is pregnantdjile/shutterstock.com

18. This person could very well be a psychic. This individual’s sister-in-law was getting married and instead of saying something sweet, they ended up saying: “She’ll have a beautiful wedding no matter who she marries.” (Justsitstilldammit) The mother-in-law was not impressed, but according to this person, the marriage did not work.

19. One of this individual’s friends passed away in a car accident. A week after the funeral, this person was at a friend’s and his friend was playing a racing game. He crashed and said, “Damn I just pulled a Kevin.” ([jal 19])

20. This husband may have slept on the couch after his comment to his wife. He thought his wife asked him “Do you want a Twinkie.” He replied, “hell no I just ate.” But apparently, she asked him “do you want a quickie?” (Ryan Nakata) She apparently stormed upstairs in tears.

21. Sometimes the safest compliment is the easiest one. But this person wanted to say something unique. So this person told one female classmate “You look good in clothes.” (DoubleLiveGonzo)


22. When you work retail, it’s important to deliver exceptional customer service. This one individual worked at a jewelry store and dealt with two older ladies one night. They said they were just looking, so the individual replied: “Ok, let me know if there’s anything I can pull out for you to fondle.” (TheSuperSucker)

23. When we’re young, sometimes we don’t know any better when we say things. This one person recalls when they were 10; they asked a girl if she was “recovering from the chickenpox.” (Fruityloopies) Turns out she just had really bad acne.

24. This person was in computer science class and they were converting binary to decimal and vice-versa. So this person asks the teacher “can you do 69?” (Protester) The teacher and the rest of the class laughed, but he did respond by saying that he can do it.

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