Looking At Posts Of People Trying To Sell Mirrors Will Be Your New Favorite Thing

You’ve probably never thought about what it would take to sell a mirror online. Besides the obvious logistics that come along with putting it up for sale, like setting up a price and pick-up location, there’s is one extra thing that must be done. This last step seems like it would be easy but think again. Most people tend to forget about the necessary photo that must accompany the post and quickly realize they’re in for quite a problem.

Don’t think it’s that hard? Go ahead, try and take one without mistakenly filling up your camera roll with unready and kind of awkward selfies. You’ll most likely cringe at the thought of posting them! Try out every angle and body position you can think of, you’ll see first-hand how tough it can be. Even though it’s certainly super stressful, it’s also pretty much impossible not to laugh in the process.

Regardless of the gruelling and countless attempts you’ve put yourself through by now, remember that somewhere someone needs to do it, and thank goodness because they’re all gold! This hilarious round-up of photos of people trying to get a picture of their mirrors to sell is just what the doctor ordered. You’re welcome.

1. Green fuzzy carpet and a seriously dramatic pose basically turn the brown-framed mirror into the perfect modern version of a Renaissance painting. A hilarious accident or an accidental art experiment?

2. You gotta give it to them, they did try. Although they managed to not get their body in the reflection, their arm must have gone through a lot of trouble to make an appearance and capture the whole frame.

3. Ah, the classic iPad mirror pic. The concentration on his face proves how dedicated he was to getting the whole item in, but failed to realize he ended up being the star of the show with that stance.

4. Her accidental selfie looks slightly intentional as she snaps a pic of the mirror, and it’s amazing. She looks like she knows what she’s doing – this definitely isn’t her first time!

5. This woman pulled out her professional camera for a snap of the frame and ended up with a full-frontal! The artsy paintings hanging in the background make the whole thing even better.

6. I don’t think this man knew he’d be a public victim of this mirror when he sat for breakfast that morning. The multiple pieces of glass make the mystery man look like he’s missing a neck and it’s truly the best thing ever. Makes you wonder, is that Gru from Despicable Me?

7. The struggles this guy must have gone through to take this photo are truly admirable – he’s even using his feet to hold it up while managing to get the whole frame! There really are different kinds of heroes in this world.

8. This man looks like he took a couple of minutes to perfect his body position to get this image and it definitely doesn’t look too comfortable! We respect you sir and all of your efforts.

Looking At Posts Of People Trying To Sell Mirrors Will Be Your New Favorite ThingTwitter / @SilviuMajor

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