Kevin Spacey’s Brother Says The Actor Is ‘Worse’ Than Their Abusive Father, Had ‘Creepy’ Relationship With Mother

Amid the ongoing controversy surrounding renowned actor Kevin Spacey, his brother has now spoken out. With accusations of sexual assault involving minors, along with colleagues coming forward about sexual harassment incidents, it has not been one of the better years of his career.

Booted out from the already filmed All The Money In The World, and losing his Netflix series, Kevin now finds himself villainized in the public eye. And now a new revealing interview with his brother further exposes the actor.

Randy Fowler, 62, is the older brother of Kevin Spacey. He published a book where he writes about the struggle of his childhood. It was released just weeks after the news broke about Spacey’s allegations. In an interview with The Sun, he spoke out about his brother, and their controversial father, whom they referred to as “The Creature.”

A Moment In Time is the tell-all about the abuse that the brothers endured by their father growing up. He admitted that upon hearing that Kevin checked himself into a sex addiction clinic, that he’s in the wrong building, and it’s a much worse situation than just that. He said, “All my life I thought I had protected Kevin from my father and it turns out it’s all for nothing because he’s worse than my father, The Creature.”

kevin spacey's brother reveals telling detailsRandy Fowler

Randy reveals that he would be raped every week for a year before he reached his breaking point. It got to the point where he would hide in the closet with his father’s gun, waiting to pull the trigger if he came and found him.

Spacey’s brother wonders, with all of the allegations that have surfaced, if Kevin himself was abused, though with their distant relationship, and claims of being a “pathological liar”, there’s no way of him knowing. Furthermore, Randy revealed the questionable relationship that Kevin shared with his mother, whom he treated more like “a lover”, with rumblings going on within the family that makes this more than just speculation.

Now, Randy hopes that by sharing his story, it will help others who have gone through a similar battle. “Kick harder, scream louder, scratch deeper. Somebody is going to hear you.”

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