12 Photos That Prove Mother Nature Does Have A Sense Of Humour

Ah, mother nature. Capable of so many things that we humans will never understand. Capable of doing so many powerful things, both good and atrocious. Specifically this past year, we saw mother nature’s power, with all the hurricanes and fires. We will never fully understand it.

But sometimes, we don’t want to think about all the bad that is happening around us. Mother nature also happens to have a pretty funny sense of humor. Ever see photos on the web and just think “this photo just shows how incredible mother nature truly is.”

Not sure what I’m talking about? Well, take a break from whatever it is you are doing and help yourself to a good laugh. Here are 12 photos that prove mother nature does indeed have a sense of humour. Some of them are of people, some are of animals, and some are even of plants. It’ll confirm that mother nature truly is amazing.

1. Simba? Is that you? Okay, I’m sure most of us enjoyed looking up at clouds when we were younger. Some of us do it as adults. If you look hard enough, mother nature has a way of shaping these clouds into looking like familiar characters. This one is clearly a depiction of Simba from “Lion King.”

2. Mmm, we all love a delicious chocolate fountain. Especially if it on a beautiful summery evening, where you think no wind in sight. But sometimes, mother nature likes to be a troublemaker, and create some wind to completely ruin your party. I mean, this is a pure example of an epic fail.

3. It’s hard for some of us to believe that plants are living things. But from time to time mother nature likes to put a face on a plant to make it a little more believable. Check out this plant, that’s a pretty funny face if you ask me. Makes it seem like this tree isn’t the happiest camper. Pretty funny to find this in a tree, don’t you think?

4. Mother nature decided to play a little prank on all the teachers and principals at this particular school. I’m sure all of the kids and some of their parents found this kind of funny and incredible. Funny, because no one can get into the school now. Incredible because now the kids have an excuse not to go to school.

5. Everybody loves potatoes. I mean, they give you fries and who doesn’t love french fries! But sometimes, mother nature has a way of creating some pretty funny shaped veggies. Check this one out. Is it just me or does this potato look a lot like a teddy bear? I’d almost feel too guilty to cook it!

6. Okay, nobody said mother nature’s humor isn’t bizarre some of the time. Just check this photo out. These people decided to go fishing to catch some dinner. Mother nature thought it would be funny and helpful to provide these people with a fish that was already caught by ice.

7. Anyone who’s seen the Disney classic “Alice in Wonderland” remembers that scene when all the flowers come to life. Well, it’s not just in Disney’s world. Check out these flowers. They literally look like two massive red lips with little white teeth popping out. If I came across these flowers in real life, it would definitely make me smile. Well done mother nature, well done.

8. Again, mother nature definitely does have a sense of humor regardless how “out there” it may be. Check out this photo. There must have been a hurricane going on that particular day because the wind was so powerful it blew this umbrella straight through the wall. Really hope no one was hurt when that happened.

9. Sometimes mother nature finds her humor in creating animals that don’t look like anything we’ve seen before. Maybe we see them on TV as cartoons to make us laugh, but they do exist in reality. Just check out this little guy. This is an Aye-Aye. It’s a rodent that looks like someone drew it out. I don’t know whether to laugh or look away.

10. A lot of us had a good time breaking down ice when it spiked from the walls…even though sometimes it was a little dangerous. Here, mother nature decided to do it again, this time giving it an artsy edge. I would steer clear walking past those, but it does look kind of cool.

11. Alright, here’s another animal that shows how mother nature decided to spice it up with humour. At first glance, you aren’t sure if it’s a supermodel looking wolf, or a fox with seriously long legs. Regardless it made for a pretty funny photo. But this is a maned wolf, which can be found walking around South America.

12. Okay, here’s mother nature showing its power and creativity. Ever try blowing bubbles in freezing cold weather? Well if you haven’t, it might be fun to do. Check out the photo below, I could watch this GIF over and over again. It’s so pretty and the pop at the end keeps you on your toes. Well done mother nature. Well done.

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