Deputies Watched Dogs ‘Eating Rib Cage’ Of Virginia Woman, Sheriff Says

A local woman in the small town of Goochland, Virginia was violently mauled by own her own two pet dogs in a vicious dog attack while walking through the woods. Bethany Stephens, 22, was found by Sheriffs where, according to the police her two pit bull dogs had attacked the young woman sometime at night, and were found the following days “eating [her] rib cage.” The incident which is being called one of the grimmest dog attacks the sheriff has seen in years.

Bethany Stephens was like any other young girl her age, bright-eyed and full of life. While out walking her two pit bull dogs, at some point in the night the dogs turned on her, brutally mauling the young woman to death. The Goochland County Sheriff James Askew released information pertaining to the death of Stephens and the dog attack. Although it may seem like foul play was involved, there are no real bits of evidence of strangulation or threats on her life to be found.

Instead, Sheriff Askew wanted it to be clear that “there has been a high volume of misinformation” about the case, reiterating that he has “spent a significant amount of time researching dog attacks and while it is not an everyday occurrence it’s not rare.” Many reports might suggest that Bethany Stephens was subject to threats of violence, but according to the Sheriff, these are false. The Sheriff also wanted to make it clear that he is not disparaging any particular dog breed, but if you look at the history behind Pitbulls you will understand that they are notoriously predatory under certain conditions.

The Sheriff also wanted to point out that there is no evidence to suggest that Stephens was attacked by a wolf. The wounds on her skull did not penetrate the bone and are consistent with that of a small canine. Stephens’s dogs were eventually tracked down and at the request of the family, they were euthanized. A toxicology report has yet to be released which may shed some light on the situation, and Sheriff Askew stated that they will be following up on the reports as soon as they are released.

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