24 Coincidences That Couldn’t Possibly Have Happened

There are coincidences that happen everywhere, all the time. If we have one of those keen eyes to notice when these instances are happening we are usually shocked, and almost always laugh.

Below is a list of random coincidences that people caught and captured.

They are such remarkable concurrences of circumstances that we have a hard time believing that these coincidences are real.

1. The Wrecked Window: The owner of this store will not be happy when he finds out someone broke his glass door. But we can’t help but notice that the door which remains has the word “rekt” on it. Though this is not the correct spelling of “wrecked”, it sure sounds a lot like it. Due to the strange coincidence of this event, it’s hard to believe that this actually happened.

2. The Questionable Word Search: When you think of oven-baked sandwiches, thoughts of parmesan and tuna come to mind. Yet, this word search had questionable words hidden within such as house pets we might have. For the sake of house pets everywhere and their owners, we hope this word search is definitely a coincidence.

3. The Matching Dresses: When this woman showed up to her wedding she was shocked to see multiple women wearing the same dress. Some might think nothing of it by just looking at the photo. But none of these women were bridesmaids. They all went out separately and bought the same dress to wear to the wedding. It’s such a remarkable coincidence that it’s hard to believe this actually happened.

4. The Curvaceous Tree: Luckily for the owner of this car, the tree was curved. It’s such a strange coincidence that the tree fell within an inch of hitting his car. Someone was looking out for this driver or he was having some good karma because things like this don’t happen every day. Making this picture not only coincidental but downright shocking.

5. The One Ear Up: This might seem like an adorable photo at first glance. But once you look harder your realize this is a coincidence. It’s hard to know which one came first, the license plate or the dog. Or maybe this just happened by coincidence. Yet, it’s hard to believe something like this could actually happen by coincidence.

6. The Merging of Nature and Automobile: When looking at the photo it’s hard to tell where the RV ends and the mountains begin. This is such a remarkable coincidence that it’s hard to actually believe this happened at all. Although, whoever is inside might have bought the RV and headed straight to the destination that it was covered by first.

7. The Window Shopper: We have all had this happen to us where we walk by a store window and notice that the mannequin has something on that resembles what we are wearing. It might not be the whole outfit, but simply the T-shirt or pants. This gentleman ends up having exactly the same outfit as the mannequin in the charity shop window, right down to the shoes. What a coincidence!

8. The Twin Cars: We have all seen cars of the same make and color parked next to each other at some point in our lives. But it’s quite a coincidence that these cars also share the same license plate, up until the last digit. We can’t help but wonder if this was all planned. Are they friends that were meeting and happened to ask for matching license plates? Because this couldn’t have actually happened by coincidence!

9. The Dual Cat: When this man was picking out his cat I wonder if he thought of this shirt? Or did he go to the pet store with his shirt in mind and sought out a cat identical to it? Because if neither of these events occurred then it’s very hard to believe this coincidence happened. It’s not everyday a guy walks around with a random shirt that coincidentally matches his own pet.

10. The TV Extension: We may have watched a TV show and found similarities between the room seen on the screen and the one we were watching it in. But we have never had our TV screen line up exactly with what we had in our room. This is a shocking coincidence that has to be seen to be believed, because it’s near impossible anyone would believe it actually happened without proof.

11. The Floor Vanisher: Have you ever wondered if something you were wearing would resemble a floor? Us either, but that is the random coincidence that happen to this woman. Because she knew how strange the occurrence was, she got on the floor and matched up what she was wearing for proof. It seems she even couldn’t believe that this coincidence was happening.

12. The Taylor Swift Fans: When driving, you witness a lot of strange coincidences. None more so that these two trucks driving next to one another with the words, “Taylor” and “Swift” written on the back. This is clearly a coincidence that might never happen again. But for the time being, these two trucks not only carried products to their destination; they also acted as free publicity for the musician.

13. The Stripe Attack:  When someone wears stripes they are usually printed on their shirts in all different directions. But when stripes are on poles and buildings they tend to be in horizontal or vertical lines. That’s why the coincidence of this woman wearing a diagonally striped shirt and matching the concrete pole she walks by is a shocking coincidence.

14. When Owner and Pet Merge: A pair of eyes that are different colors is a rarity in the animal kingdom and quite a beautiful one at that. But this girl found a cat that has the same eyes as her. It’s a remarkable coincidence that the two found each other. And we can’t help but wonder if she went out and looked for a cat that was similar to her, or this wonderful coincidence just happened on its own.

15. The Vampire Blood Run: Some coincidences are shocking, while other are just hilarious. This is one of the hilarious ones. Clearly, the car that’s parked really digs vampires and everyone has to get their blood checked once in a while. Yet it’s still funny that a vampire is parked in the blood service parking lot. What’re they doing, getting lunch?

16. The Moon Lookout: There are many signs that are labeled after the solar system and a variety of other things. But it’s rare that you see a sign with the name of an object, point to the actual object. This is one of those amazing coincidences that we all hope we will experience once in our lives. But it’s still hard to believe it actually happened.

17. Life Imitating Art: This owner really observed their dog when framing the photo. Not only is this coincidence really adorable, it’s hard to believe that it actually happened. Catching a dog yawn twice on camera is an obstacle for many people. Yet this owner was able to catch it multiple times and the second time with his previous image in the background.

18. The Angel Firefighter: This image was captured while a firefighter was on-duty. It’s one of those coincidences that is close to the truth. Many people would say that firefighters are heroes and angels protecting those around them. This image is a beautiful coincidence because for many it’s a symbol for what they already believe.

19. The Hiding Cat: If you’re a cat owner, you know that your beloved pet loves to hide and have their alone time. That’s all this cat was trying to do when its owner couldn’t help but find them. But what a coincidence that the cat found a painting that was similar to them to hide behind. The only problem, they left their tail out. That’s sure to get them caught.

20. All Signs Point Up: Everyone loves to see a rainbow but many people miss them when they form. That’s why this road sign with the arrows pointing right toward the rainbow is a coincidence that’s hard to believe. Though we all know that the road sign has nothing to do with the rainbow, it’s a coincidence that we are happy to have happen.

21. The Butterly Effect: This person was going butterfly watching when an actual butterfly came down and landed right on the diagram of its brush spots. This is one of those coincidences that no one would believe actually happened if you told them about it. They would laugh it off and make you feel like you were lying.

22. The Cozy Snoopy: We may have cuddled up in a blanket that matched something we were wearing that day. But never have we bundled up our pet, and the image on the blanket perfectly lined up with the pet that was in it. This is an adorable coincidence that’s hard to believe happened.

23. That Was A Close Call: This is a miracle! The fact that there was not one scratch on the vehicle after a tree of that height fell right over the car is unbelievable. It’s so unbelievable that if there wasn’t visual proof that this happened it would be hard to believe that it happened at all. This might have been the luckiest person in the world that day.

24. The Identical Card: An Australian man was traveling in Greece when he found a cut up debit card that mirrored everything on his. This would be a horror story for anyone. Finding a similar card to your own while on holiday and thinking that there is someone with the same card as you. Thankfully the cards didn’t completely match, but what a coincidence that the one cut-up side did.

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