Mother Claims That These Makeup Removing Wipes Caused Skin Reaction

Neutrogena, which calls itself the #1 dermatologist-recommended skincare brand in the world, has a wide variety of skincare products. Like any product, there are good and bad reviews, but Neutrogena came under fire when a mother decided to make a ‘rash’ decision and take to social media about one of their makeup removing products, the New York Post reports.

Jamie Potts, who lives in Cavino, California, claims that her daughter suffered a breakout from a Neutrogena makeup remover. The New York Post states that experts have already released statements telling people that there is no need to panic. Unfortunately, when horrific pictures are released along with a claim, people will panic no matter what assurance is given.

The post read the following: “Alyssa has been using them for months but yesterday opened a brand new pack to use and This Happened!! We went on their website and TONS of reviews of the same reaction! Thought I would share so someone else doesn’t have this happen to them!” You can find the post on Jamie Potts’ Facebook page.

Since Jamie posted her comments, the pictures and the claims have gone viral. Users are also questioning not only if the wipes are safe to use, but also the ingredients Neutrogena is using. But as I mentioned earlier, experts are not all that concerned about Jamie’s post. According to Snopes, the ingredients that you’ll find in Neutrogena’s towelettes are not that different than the ingredients you’d find in Aveeno and Olay, which are both reputable companies that are remembered for their friendly and soothing ingredients.

Is it possible that maybe Jamie’s daughter just had a bad reaction to the towelettes? According to Dr. Nina Shapiro, author of the new book Hype: A Doctor’s Guide to Medical Myths, Exaggerated Claims and Bad Advice, it is possible because not everyone will react to the towelettes in the same way. Dr. Shapiro also told the New York Post: “We can’t evaluate the efficacy and value of a product or a danger of a product based on one event. These products make it on the market based on long-term safety and benefits, not just one person.”

Dr. Shapiro also explained that it is possible that Jamie’s daughter might have had an allergic reaction from a different allergen, not the wipes. She’s not claiming that the wipes were not the cause, but she’s also keeping an open mind because there are incidents where we jump to conclusions before actually finding out the real facts. But below you will find the statement that Neutrogena told the New York Post in regards to Jamie’s Facebook post that went viral.

“We are deeply concerned about recent Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes complaints and ask that if consumers experience an adverse reaction, please call us at 1-800-582-4048 or send us a DM @Neutrogena immediately as we gather more details and get answers. Our brand promise [is that] we will respond to every complaint as soon as we have more information to share.”

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