25 Unbelievable Examples Of Things Being Worn Down Over Time

I believe it was the great poet Madonna who said: “Time goes by, so slowly. Time goes by, so slowly”.

And indeed it does go slowly, however, it also degrades and blackens the brightest of things. Yes, time can be a harsh mistress, as I’m certain Madonna herself is painfully aware. So are these next group of things. How many things am I going to show, you ask? You’ll find out soon enough!

This is 25 Unbelievable Examples Of Things Being Worn Down Over Time.

1. After years of people standing around to get their money, the marble floor of this bank has begun to sink. I believe this is actual footage of the indents customers at Royal Bank made while waiting for their cheques to be cashed.

2. This was a dog’s vaccination tag his owner finally took off after the dog passed. It was so worn down from years of it clinking against the dog’s water bowl. Darn allergies… Making my eyes well up in tears… I can’t see the screen you guys, just move on to the next entry already!

3. Me lucky silver dollar! This was apparently carried by the poster’s grandfather since 1952… so for 66 years. YEESH! I can barely hold on to a lighter for 66 SECONDS let alone 66 years! Did he tape it to himself or something? Never changed his jeans? Seriously, I need to know the secret, these lighter expenses are getting expensive.

4. The posters around this pole have apparently built up over the years. Look on the bright side, if you ever need a portal to Wonderland I’m almost certain this would be it. If not, at least you know where to find some cheap guitar lessons and an open mic night.

5. Ding, dong, the door is dead. This door has been worn down over the years by its own bell! Never have I heard a sadder tale of betrayal, bells and broken property since the liberty bell was cracked by its own darn self.

6. If you count the rings, you can see how old the coffee cup is. Not quite, but close. It’s actually the markings from all the stirring over the years. However, if you count the lines, you can’t see its age but you CAN see its weight.

7. The sun, focused through the glass bulb, scorches a line in the grass. The worst part is that every year, the same colony of ants makes their hill right in the scorching line. Maybe they’re just used to it at this point, maybe getting scorched is all they know, I’m not sure.

8. Wait a minute… there wasn’t always a parking lot beside that building, was there? Nope, apparently, that building used to be beside some sort of triangular roofed building. What’s the term for a place with a triangular house, frequently made of brick, people usually live inside them, starts with an H… Aha! A dwelling! Apparently, that building was built next to a dwelling.

9. The progression of a penny. If you look at them backward, it actually creates an Oscar award winning movie starring Brad Pitt. Either that or Daniel Day-Lewis, I could go with either joke considering they’re pennies.

10. The poster’s parents finally moved the rug after years of keeping it there, to reveal what sun damaged vs non-sun damaged hardwood floors look like. The result? A slightly lighter shade of brown. One looks like a home and the other looks like what a dock might look like after a couple years.

11. Steps on the Great Wall of China. Seems like it’s not so great, is it China? I’m just kidding, of course, the Great Wall is probably the greatest wall standing right now. Don’t worry though, I hear the Americans are supposed to get a pretty great one soon too. Any day now…

12. After years of children twisting the knob, it’s worn down and slim now. Darn kids, getting their grubby hands all over everything an ruining it. Knobs, walls, furniture, my bank account, my relationship, my sanity. Gosh, darn kids!

13. So… Apparently this used to be a staircase? Ah I see… Then again, it was a creek which is probably why it looks so smooth, I’m sure the water took a big part in reshaping that… uh… staircase.

14. The paper from this fax machine has hit it so many times over the years they’ve made an indent. This makes me cringe so hard. Imagine getting paper cuts like this all the time, for all time? That’s a fate worse than that of Sisyphus.

15. Two guys washing down a building. I’m not sure if this was the slow march of time, it looks more like soot from a big fire, but for the sake of the article, I’ll fake it. Ooh, look at how old that building was! It looks good as new after a wash! See Jake, if you washed once in a while, maybe you could look as good as that building does!

16. This person’s “ON” button for their radio has been worn down to the point where it looks like an old-timey photo. Honestly, I kinda like it better. We should petition to have custom on buttons for our radios made, I want mine in the shape of the Galactic Empire’s Crest!

17. The difference between these makeup brushes, new and used. Yes of course, and these makeup brushes are used for… Rouging your knees? Do people still do that? Rouge your knees and paint the town red?

18. This super-cool “under the sea” motif this pole decided to go for. A little bold, but I respect it. No, it’s actually a tetherball pole worn down from all the years of kids wrapping balls around them. Well, not just kids, everyone occasionally wraps the old ball around the pole. What?

19. This floor by the register has worn out because of all the customers standing on it. Jeez, how much business could one place possibly get? I mean, I’ve been to some busy places and they’ve never had worn down floors. How long has this place even been open… Ah, wait a minute, it’s been open since 1924. Nevermind.

20. A fresh pile of 5s versus a used pile of 5s. So that’s what British money looks like. I see you have the British queen on your money, it’s like Canada and Britain were partners or something in the past. Except you get the young, spunky version of the queen and we… don’t.

21. This carpet is from the 70s and is apparently “the fastest way to the food”. Hey, I don’t blame those dogs, I ALWAYS take the fastest route to the food. In fact, my mom is starting to get fed up with all the scratches and marks on the carpet from my claws skittering across it.

22. I see your true colors, shining through… This chocolate shop’s door has had its paint worn off so much you can see the colors that it use to be. Honestly, they should keep stripping the paint, it gives the place a more rustic vibe.

23. Old vs New. Here we see the difference between whether you’re an adult or a kid using one of the Burger King collector’s cups. By which I, of course, mean if you’re a kid you’re, well, actually using it whereas when you’re an adult you keep it in a box for only you to admire.

24. This photo of the remnants of a broken down home is simply called “Asheville”. Oooh, spooky! What could have caused this house to disappear? A fire? Gentrification? Pirate ghosts? This sounds like quite the mystery, gang!

25. This, my friends, is the result of truck driving in the sun for 28 years. Geez, the sun damage kind of makes her look like Two-Face from Batman. And hey, if you needed something old, new, borrowed and blue, if you kidnapped her and put her in a blue sweater you’d be good!

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