Teen Buys $50 Dress Online, Then Turns It Into An Amazing Designer Gown For Her Prom

Prom season, also known as chaos. It’s a wonderful celebration marking the end of high-school, a time to reflect on memories and to be proud of a four-year-long journey towards graduation. Not to mention, it’s extremely hectic. Many boxes must be checked off a long list of to-do’s before this event, from hair and makeup to booking a limousine ride and buying tickets, and that can cause a lot of stress. But a fashion-savvy couple proved that you can look like a million bucks without forking over that much!

Before we get into the story, here’s what you should know about a good old American prom. Not only is there loads to prepare before the big day, there is also plenty of money that needs to be spent as formal attire and accommodations can get quite expensive. According to a poll done by Yahoo in 2017, the average teen spends more than $600 on their clothing and other related items during prom. This staggering number comes as a surprise to most and means that many young people end up feeling pressure during this time as they can’t necessarily afford to reach this unattainable standard.       

Everyone wants the perfect prom photos, complete with a full-length dress and a beautiful corsage, all seamlessly matching in color and style with their date. Though that may be the case, these memorable snapshots, that will be looked back on for years to come, don’t have to come at a steep price. A young couple, MJ and Nazmayde, proved this when a photo of their DIY prom look blew up online. The two wore coordinated blue and white outfits and posted photos to their Instagram profiles. As time went on, the picture started getting a great deal of attention as many young girls were inquiring about Nazmayde’s printed long-sleeve floral gown.

After receiving so many questions and messages, MJ finally revealed how they got her gorgeous dress by posting a collaged photo of his date next to a screenshot of a model from an online boutique. “Ok since ppl inboxing me asking where she gets her dress from …. I found it on @fashionnova for her and she had the idea to add flowers at the bottom … that’s it a $50 dress is all flowers was all it took we both creative as hell,” he captioned it.

Nazmayde’s one-of-a-kind dress was a showstopper and cost her a fraction of the average retail price for similar pieces. She was creative and made something that she knew would stand out of the crowd without having to worry about another girl showing up in the same dress. A simple alteration transformed the fitted knee-length purchase into a mermaid style masterpiece.

People couldn’t believe it and commented praising their creation. “I applaud you both because of your cohesiveness you will inspire many that wouldn’t have the means to purchase expensive prom dresses,” wrote one follower. “I wouldn’t even look at the dress on the left because it would be too short for me, but the way you designed the dress on the right, I would buy it in a heartbeat,” another one added. MJ later posted a graduation photo with Nazmayde, wearing a T-shirt with the hashtag #NazBoyfriend and a sentence referencing the Fashion Nova prom dress to promote his success.  

A quickly put-together look like theirs is inspiring for many people who are crafty and want to save money. Just because this milestone is significant, doesn’t mean the paycheck has to be—and why not have some fun too!

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