89% Of People Were Not Able To Recognize What’s Wrong With These Pictures

You’ve heard the expressions before; never judge a book by its cover, there’s more than meets the eye, and so on and so forth.

Sometimes there’s more to a picture than we originally notice because our eye tends to cling to the familiar or expected aspects of the photo. But on further examination, we realize there’s definitely something not quite right.

So, if you feel like putting your mind to the test you’ve come to the right place. Here are some photos that all have something wrong, different, hidden or nonsensical in them. See if you can find the piece that doesn’t belong and prove you are more attentive than the rest!

1. Let’s start off with this one. Look, there’s Obama! Notice anything peculiar about this picture? You probably can’t but that doesn’t mean it’s not there…

2. Ah ha! Either that man in the blue shirt made a quick trip to the barber during Obama’s speech, or he just fell victim to some very funny timing. 

3. What about this one? We promise it’s a little more obvious than the last. 

4. Aside from a beautiful display of sunflowers, the tricky piece in this photo is a certain little kitty peeking from underneath the tablecloth. 

5. Look! Three men dressed up in silly Halloween costumes (At least, I hope those are Halloween costumes). Do you notice what’s wrong with this photo?

6. If you guessed there are actually FOUR people in the photo, you’re correct! I guess that person decided to dress up as some shrubbery.  

7. This one might be a little easier to notice once you divert your eye from the baseball player… Looks like Jack Sparrow found a better place to outrun the law.

8. What about this regular old basketball game? Try to find the anomaly within the crowd (Hint: This one’s a lot creepier than Captain Jack).

9. Aside from the fact that these five women thought squeezing into a one-person bathtub was a good idea, their second bad decision was leaving the blinds open…

10. Who’s that in the window?! Do we want to know? Scratch that, let’s just not delve into it too much. 

11. Let’s see if you can spot these two on your own. Here’s a hint: There seems to be a new student in the class and he doesn’t look like the rest…

12. What about this photo of two friends posing for a picture, arms around each other, in the parking lot? Seems simple enough, right? Wrong. Try counting the number of hands in this photo and this one should be fairly easy after that…

13. This one might be a little more difficult because the happy family and adorable children are effectively distracting.

14. Why is that lady sitting on a person’s head? That can’t be comfortable!

15. I object! This soon-to-be-married man decided to send a message without his future wife noticing. I wonder if anyone helped him… 

16. And last but not least, a walking contradiction. Here’s a regular guy at a game eating a hot dog. Nothing peculiar going on here… except, I didn’t know vegans could eat hot dogs!

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