24 Pictures That Prove Humor Is Very Important For Family

Humor is a pretty important thing to have in one’s life. It doesn’t have to be just among friends but coming home to your family and expecting to get some fun out of them is one of the best feelings.

I know some of my friends have funny families where their parents will either prank them every so often or poke fun at them and their friends until a sass-off happens.

As we’ve discussed many times before, we all know that Reddit is the place to go to find people who talk about their embarrassing albeit funny families and we’ve gathered some of the best to marvel at together.

1. There is basically nothing better in this world than having a pet. Well, okay. I take it back. The only thing better than having a pet is having several and this family knew just what to do to celebrate their furry friends. To commemorate their perfect family, each member got together for this photo where they all ponder very serious things. Well, the animals are pondering serious things. The humans just know they hit a gold mine with this photo.  


2. Parents always like getting some nice art from their kids (at least that’s what they tell us) and this Reddit user uploaded a photo of a family portrait bestowed upon them from their young child. Though, unless this kid is picking up on something the parents aren’t, everyone is a very okay-feeling person. Maybe they took inspiration when the family was waiting at the DMV.

3. This little number was given to this guy from his mother-in-law who rightfully thought it would embarrass him but it absolutely didn’t. He sported the tie-dye onesie in this very fetch photo that garnered a lot of attention on Reddit. I honestly just hope his mother-in-law keeps trying harder year after year.

4. It’s hard being a young kid. You’re going through some changes and you’re worried about peer pressure. But, this mother was there to add to the embarrassing moments (or maybe she’s his biggest fan). She donned her son’s look, complete with his facial expression, his clothing, and, as Reddit users pointed out, a better beard.

5. We wouldn’t be anywhere without dads and their ridiculous senses of humor. Enter: the frozen Hispanic. The Reddit user uploaded the photo with the caption: A dad being a dad at a supermarket. The look of pride on his face only makes this photo way better than it already was.

6. Graduating is supposed to be a joyous occasion filled with family and friends’ love and support. Well, this sister shared her support once her sister graduated from the police academy by sending her boxes of doughnuts. Let’s just pretend that she was trying to show how happy she was and not making any kind of insinuation…

7. This iconic video may look familiar to some. The uploader posted that their uncle used to be a wedding videographer years ago and this clip wound up earning second place in America’s Funniest Home Videos. Hey. Whatever you need to do to make sure you get the shot, am I right?

8. Talk about a supportive grandson. The uploader posted: “My 84-year-old grandmother apologized for having to wear her nightgown in front of us. I said it was no problem and that it actually looked very comfortable, so she immediately offered one to me. It’s not like I could have rejected this generous gift…”

9. Former soap actor and current badass on Supernatural, Jensen Ackles, is spending some quality time with his daughter here as she expertly does his makeup. When he posted the photo on Instagram he added the caption: “A father’s work is never done. Happy Daddy Day to all you men out there that handle your business. Even getting makeup applied. That’s the good stuff…”

10. It seems as if some parents are willing to do whatever it takes to get their kids to do necessary things like taking a bath. “Parents used to tell my only brother and I that we used to have another brother who turned into a mushroom from not taking a bath. Even added him to the family albums,” the user said. Well. They took a bath after that didn’t they?

11. Ah, nothing like brotherly love. The uploader posted this photo with the caption: “Had my leg amputated and my brother shows up to the hospital dressed as a pirate.” Though, despite the username, he may not be the good twin. After a Redditor said “I brought my brother cookies in the hospital after he almost went into a diabetic coma,” OP reassured them with their own story: “Don’t worry, I am a terrible brother too. My twin (the pirate) broke a couple vertebrae biking and I told him to ‘take some Advil and get over it.’ Then I went to a friend’s house while he went to the ER. He is most definitely a better person than I am.”

12. OP posted that their dad had been trying to grow pineapples for years and when he finally succeeded, it was time to celebrate the occasion. Not only did they take a professional photo of him and his prized possession but OP uploaded a follow-up of their dad’s famous photo in a frame on the wall in their home.

13. It’s always a nice moment to see a father and their child sharing a tender moment like giving them their bottle when they get hungry. Well, in this case, it looks like the grandfather and great-grandfather didn’t want to miss out on the fun. Though, the liquid in the bottle will change with age. That baby will understand when they’re older.

14. Now when it’s time for a baby to meet their uncle, it’s usually always a precious time… unless your brother is a goof who just could not help himself. He uploaded the photo with the caption: “Face swapped my brother and my daughter. I will never stop laughing at this.”


15. Finishing a book is an incredible accomplishment and knowing an author who gives a shout out to you in their book is pretty great too. When Joseph J. Rotman wrote An Introduction to Algebraic Topology he left this very touching message: To my wife Margaret and my children Ella Rose and Daniel Adam without whom this book would have been completed two years earlier.”

16. It’s kind of hard to know what dads want for gifts. Power tools only go so far and… I’m pretty much out. But this user knew that their dad liked reading so they bought him a Kindle for his birthday. Sounds pretty nice right? Yeah, I’m sure it would have been if he was using it for something other than a bookmark.

17. Much like our previous post, it’s hard to know what parents want for holidays let alone what they want to eat. This four-year-old had the right idea when he packed a lunch consisting of a mac and cheese cup, a granola bar, apple sauce, oatmeal, and a beer. One of these things is not like the other.

18. This user needed to share their aunt and uncle’s weird sense of humor. When you walk into their bathroom you will see members of the family peering into a frame designed to look like a window. They all look pretty confused and I’m pretty sure that baby is crying but people need to do the do, okay?!

19. This person uploaded a photo of their dad’s terrible golf swing. While that’s more than a little embarrassing to begin with, this kid decided to Photoshop a picture of their father in action getting into a very believable light saber fight. Made all the more believable by having a man in a cloak fight someone in a windbreaker. Totes real.

20. Oh dear. The joy of having siblings. OP uploaded this photo with the caption: “My sister and her boyfriend are heading up to our cabin tomorrow night, so I left them a present for when they turn on the lights.” Sure it doesn’t look like much in the light but it’s not like either of them are expecting to get caught. I thought Halloween was over.

21. This guy here wrote, “In 2008 my mom instructed me to ‘sober up’ and send my own Christmas cards to family and friends. Here’s every year since, including the new one for 2016!” There was a compilation available which included this little number in addition to him passed out on the toilet and passed out on a bar. Merry Christmas!

22. It would appear that science has gone too far. As I said before, uncles meeting their nieces and nephews for the first time is supposed to be a beautiful moment unless you have uncles like this guy. Let’s all hope that this kid is too young to remember any of this. Or, do what the mushroom parents did and keep it going as long as you can.

23. I know this very scary drawing is very scary but let me provide some context. OP posted this with the caption: “My 6 yr old son had been asking me over and over, ‘Do you need to go to the bathroom?’ and I just found out why.” I can’t tell if those bloodshot eyes are meant to scare or remind you what you look like when hungover.

24. More uncles! All the uncles! This guy waited until his nieces and nephews were older until he trolled them with a very self-involved gift. The caption read: “My uncle’s gift to the family this year wasn’t really appreciated.” It’s okay. The important thing is that this uncle is proud of himself and having a grand ol’ time.

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