Body Painted Model Walks Virtually Naked Through Mall And Looks For Reactions

Body Painted Model Walks Virtually Naked

A talented artist is known as Jen The Body Painter has dazzled the internet with a recent stunt that she pulled at a local shopping mall.

Her Instagram account, @JenTheBodyPainter, has well over 21 thousand followers and is filled with images of models painted with spectacular designs. Her Patreon page describes how costly the designs are. As a publicity stunt for her talent, she painted up a young model and sent her shopping at a local shopping mall to capture people’s reactions.

A lot of people didn’t seem to notice much of anything as the model paraded around in her birthday suit. Armed only with a scarf, a thong, and some pasties, this model is virtually nude. The artwork and designs on her body are incredible.

Jen and her daughter teamed up to paint this model in the middle, which you might need to take a second look at to understand that she’s actually wearing body paint.

The process of painting a model’s body can take a great deal of time and energy. You have to cover virtually every portion of the body with paint. Yes, every nook and cranny!

The detail on the model’s legs is absolutely mind-blowing. The way the denim is painted even takes into account rips in the jeans. It’s a great optical illusion.

The model’s paint is nearly complete, as Jen and her daughter put the finishing touches before taking the model out to the shopping mall to see how people react.

Jen The Body Painter, @JenTheBodyPainter on Instagram, prepared the model with finishing touches, including a modesty scarf, and a wool knitted hat.

These two retail workers were interested in helping out Jen’s model, and the reactions on their faces are hilarious. They seem shocked that anyone would go out nude like that!

This gentleman seems absolutely appalled when he realizes the model isn’t wearing anything but some body paint and a scarf. He definitely seems not too impressed! Ah well!

This retail worker absolutely loses it when Jen’s model reveals that she’s only wearing body paint! Laughs all around! Clearly, this worker hadn’t noticed until the model revealed something!


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