Elderly Man Found Guilty Of Molesting Cows

An 80-year-old man has been banned from every farm that contains animals in Britain after being charged with two counts of outraging public decency. The man was caught molesting several cows over one summer on a small farm near Uxbridge, West London.

Elderly Man Found Guilty Of Molesting CowsDailyMail

John Curno (80) was caught in a farmer’s field in Park Lodge Farm. The farm’s owners Ian and Susan Howie spoke to reporters at the DailyMail. They knew the man had been visiting their farm but had no idea what Mr. Curno had been up to.  

According to TheSun, Susan Howie told the courts that Curno, had his left hand interfering with the cow and his right hand on a part of his lower body, his shirt was covering it.” According to Curno himself, he told the courts that he visited the church and the nearby farm because “he liked the view.”

When Susan Howie confronted the man, she told the courtsHe stopped and looked up, he grabbed his boxers and his trousers and ran to the stile.” After the trial, TheSun reports that Curno could be heard shouting things at the police threatening to sue them too. Curno claims that he isn’t capable of pleasuring himself due to a medical condition, and hasn’t been in a relationship with a woman for quite some time.

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After the conviction in the court to ban Curno from farms containing animals, Ian Howie told TheSun after the hearing, ‘We assumed that he liked the area and just liked cows, we just did not realize he liked them that much.’

Elderly Man Found Guilty Of Molesting CowsDailyMail

Overseeing the conviction, according to the Daily Mail Judge Akers told Curno in court, “You have been found guilty of both offences and you will need to attend court at a later date for sentence.”

Curno’s bail is conditional under the restriction that he would not be allowed near any farm that contains animals, and would have to appear again in court to face his conviction.

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