24 Outfit Mistakes That Will Make You Look Messy

We all want to look good when we wear our outfits. But there are many outfit mistakes that can make us look bad or messy.

If you are one of the people who doesn’t know what it is you are doing wrong that makes you look messy, or if you are someone who is looking for a way to stop your outfit from looking messy, you have come to the right place.

Below is a list of 24 outfit mistakes people make that makes them look messy.

1. Leaving Lint On Your Clothes: When you leave lint on your clothes it will automatically make your outfit look messy. This is the same if you don’t clean off the animal hair from your pet that has latched onto your clothes. The next time you notice any lint or hair on your clothes, make sure to grab a lint roller. Get all of that lint off and your outfit will be looking brand new.

2. Clothes With Minor Damage On Them: If any of the clothes that you are wearing has any damage to them then your whole outfit will look messy. Now this doesn’t apply to clothes that are intentionally supposed to be ripped. This only applies to clothing that is damaged without it being for style purposes. The only solution to this problem is to throw those articles of clothing out.

3. See-through Fabrics: We have all fallen victim to see-through clothes. Though at one point this type of style was very popular and common. It isn’t anymore. These see-through clothes actually make your whole outfit look lazy and messy. Next time you have a see-through shirt make sure to layer it up.

4. Rolling Up Sleeves Incorrectly: Everyone has rolled up their sleeves before but only some people know how to correctly roll them up. Depending on the type of fabric your shirt is made up of there are different ways to roll them up. Make sure the next time you are wearing a shirt and you want to roll up the sleeves, that you look up the proper way before doing so.

5. Using Too Many Accessories: When you are wearing a lot of accessories it takes away from your outfit. Just like a house that has too many items inside it, an outfit can look messy when too many accessories are added to it. Try applying two or three dispersed accessories to every outfit. When you layer up more then four different accessories your whole outfit looks muddled.

6. Hair Ties As Bracelets: A lot of us have done this before. We want to have a hair band handy incase we need to put our hair up. Or we have had our hair up and have recently taken it down. But the truth is, there really aren’t many places we can put that pesky hairband. We usually apply it on our wrists and wear them as a bracelet. But this is one way to really mess up your outfit. Try putting your hair tie in your pocket next time or your purse.

7. Wearing Pants The Are Too Long: When we were pants that are too long for our legs we look messy. Whenever you buy a pair of pants that are too long for you try to get them hemmed to the proper length. Or roll the pants up. But be careful, when rolling your pants up tuck them on the inside of the pant leg, not the outside.

8. Wearing Sports Shoes While Not Playing Sports: There is a reason that athletic shoes were made, and that is to wear when being athletic. When you wear these sports shoes with your usual outfits it just looks messy. They are always standing out in the worst way because they don’t match anything else that you are wearing. Make sure you wear normal shoes when wearing your standard outfit.

9. Not Cleaning Your Shoes: While we are on the topic of shoes, make sure you clean yours. There is nothing that says I’m a messy outfit like messy shoes. We know that it’s hard for our shoes to be clean 100% of the time. But when you come home and your shoes are dirty, clean them. If something is dirty it will automatically make your whole outfit look messy.

10. Wearing Clothes That Don’t Fit: When you wear clothes that don’t fit it makes your whole outfit look really messy. You don’t look well put together and that results in the messy appearance. When you shop, make sure you try on your clothes and that they fit properly. This won’t only make you look great but it will make you feel great.

11. Wearing The Wrong Size Shoes: When you wear shoes that aren’t the right size your feet either hurt or wobble around everywhere. This is even more true for people who wear heels. When you have heels that don’t fit properly you are always in discomfort. Make sure you try on your shoes in the store and walk around in them. You will be thankful you did.

12. Not Maintaining Your Nails: Nails might not be part of an outfit but they do have the power to make or break an outfit. When you maintain your nails then all your outfits will look good. But when your nails are dirty or your have chipped nail polish on them it makes you look dirty. Which results in your outfit looking messy. So next time you think of skipping your nails, don’t.

13. When Your Bag Is Big For No Reason: A lot of people walk around with huge purses and bag nowadays. The truth is, it just makes you look messy and disorganized. If you have nothing that will fill up that huge bag, then don’t carry it around. Make sure you have a normal sized bag and that you are able to make use of it. No need carrying around something massive just for fashion, cause it doesn’t look good.

14. Having Pillage: A lot of people have had a problem with pillage. When you wear those nice, comfy, fluffy sweaters during the fall and winter seasons you have to suffer through pillage experiences. Pillage is the knit and wool coming out of the threading of the sweater. To prevent pillage from happening try washing your sweater inside out. If pillage as already began than use a lint roller to clean it up.

15. Unkempt Facial Hair: This one is for the guys. When you don’t take care of your facial hair this will result in any outfit looking messy. It doesn’t take that long to maintain the appearance of a clean beard, five o’clock shadow, or any other beard type. So make sure that you keep up with it. If you do, you shouldn’t have the problem with looking messy.


16. Having Your Bra Straps On Show: This one is for the ladies. When you are wearing a shirt and your bra straps are on display, it doesn’t look good. In fact, it looks messy. Try buying different styles of bras, such as a strapless bra, to wear underneath shirts that expose a lot of skin. This is one way to make this messy outfit problem disappear.

17. OverSized Clothes: When people don’t feel like they have a good figure they try to hide it with oversized clothing. But this makes people’s outfits look messy. Remember we are all our worst critics and that you are beautiful no matter what. So don’t shy away from those close-fitting clothes. They are sure to make you look fabulous.

18. Leaving Your Sleeves Too Long: Sometimes our arm length doesn’t match the size shirt that perfectly fits our torso. When this happens we tend to get shirts that have sleeves that are extra long on us. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you because it makes your whole outfit look messy. The next time you have this problem try getting the sleeves hemmed, or don’t buy the shirt. There will always be another that is just as good.

19. Retro Overboard: Having a retro outfit is great, but it becomes a problem when it goes overboard. If you are planning on wearing an outfit that is retro centric then pair it with modern accessories. This will result in a nice balance between old and new. It will also help you from appearing like you got stuck in the 70s.


20. Boyfriend Blazers: Don’t take the boyfriend blazer too literally. When you wear your boyfriend’s blazer like it was made for you it makes you look messy. The whole idea of the boyfriend blazer is that it’s a blazer that is cut and designed for a feminine figure. So go out and buy a boyfriend blazer, don’t actually wear your boyfriend’s.

21. Having Wet Hair: This doesn’t actually apply to your outfit but it does make your outfit look messy. When you don’t have the time to dry your hair and you show up somewhere with wet hair, it always look messy. Try to give yourself more time the next time you get out of the shower and dry it. You won’t regret it.

22. Wearing Leggings as Pants: This is something almost every woman does in today’s fashion world. We always wear leggings as actual pants. But it really doesn’t give anything to an outfit and in the end looks messy. You can always wear leggings but wear them with a long shirt or throw a skirt over them. Also, try pairing them with some boots to cover up the ends. This is the only sure way to make your legging outfit looks good.

23. Wearing Yesterday’s Makeup: When you don’t wash your face properly this is a sure way of looking messy. One way to tell that someone hasn’t washed their face is by them having yesterday’s makeup still there. Make sure when you wash your face before bed and in the morning that you are really trying to get that makeup off. This is the only way to take care of your skin and not look messy.


24. Smudges On Your Glasses: If you wear glasses it’s always a good idea to keep them clean. This isn’t only because your glasses will appear messy, but also because it’s better to see through clean glasses then dirty ones. Make sure you always have your glass cleaner with you just incase these smudges appear.

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