20 Clothing Design Fails That You Have No Idea How They Happened

Owning really bad clothes is almost a right of passage when you’re trying to define the type of style you’re looking for, but every so often you find clothes at the store or that people have purchased that are just really bad clothing fails.

One time I went to a party in university that I thought was going to be an excellent time to enjoy a few drinks. However, I wore this beige golf shirt that was dyed blue at the very bottom of it. This was the way it was designed. I thought “neato” it’s a two-toned golf shirt. Sold! Well, when I arrived at the party, everybody thought I had spilled something on the bottom of my shirt! I ended up throwing it in the garbage. Just to show you how fashion fails can happen to the best of us.

Now when I go out shopping, I’m always super careful and wary about what it is that I’m buying. Now I feel compelled to share with you some of these hilarious bad clothing fails that the internet has to offer. Warning, this may make you cringe quite a bit!

1) This Awful Lacoste Shirt: At first glance it might look like this shirt is folded over on top of a different red shirt, but I assure you it is not. In fact, the manufacturer designed it this way. Who on earth would want this? It looks like a god-awful mistake. 

2) This Extremely Expensive T-Shirt-Shirt: This expensive piece of clothing from Balenciaga is absolutely lost on me. Why would someone want to wear this? It’s both confusing and ugly. What a waste.

3) This Enormous Puffy Jacket: Maybe this man wanted to look like a character from the Peanuts comics? Who in their right mind would wear this stripped monstrosity? I’m sure it’s warm in the winter though. Unless it just sorta poofs out. In which case it’s both ugly and useless.

4) These Leggings: Oh my god these leggings are all terrible. When will manufacturers understand that certain prints really don’t look good on stretchy fabric? Not to mention taking a minute to think about their placement on your downstairs parts. These are all terrible.

5) Not My Nirvana: The unfortunate designer of this shirt really didn’t understand who the members of Nirvana are or what they looked like. Unless somehow the Hanson brothers and Nirvana are the same thing in an alternate universe.

6) Shoes With Bugs: At first glance, you might think these shoes are covered in bugs, but that’s actually just the terrible designer’s choice. These shoes are actually covered in a bug print that will leave you and everyone around you always confused.

7) Red Whi Tea Ndb Lue: Whenever people try and stagger letters, it’s usually always a bad choice. Always. The human eye doesn’t read things that way. Therefore this translates to Red Whi Tea Ndb Lue. Just awful.

8) This Awful Shirt: This pajama shirt might seem cute, but what’s it really trying to say? Sleep? Or Sluup? To me, it looks like it says Sluup which in a nutshell says that the print doesn’t work. Ah well. At least they tried.

9) These TERRIBLE bathing suits: Who on earth would ever put Trump’s face on a bathing suit like this? Not to mention Putin, Hillary Clinton, and Nicolas Cage. The color of the suit certainly doesn’t help much either. God save us.

10) The Way Of The Fist: These might seem like really cool athletic shorts, however the words “Way of the Fist” are located on the rear region of these shorts, indicating that the fist might actually go somewhere else… yikes!

11) Soma Ulte: It’s a really cute idea to have these shirts if they’re like, pajamas for a happy couple, however once again our enemy the staggered text strikes again. This reads more like SOMA ULTE which sounds like some kind of sacrificial latin chant more than anything else.

12) Shoot It Straight: This unfortunate shirt’s text just isn’t arranged properly. It reads more like “Real Men Love Bowhunting Jesus.” I don’t think Jesus would appreciate being bowhunted!

13) Left Right Left: In case you needed a helpful reminder of which shoe was which, this company designed their dress shoes with the words “Right” and “Left” on either shoe, which really, just looks tacky and terrible.

14) Useless Uggs: This knockoff brand of uggs comes with their very own convenient zipper that allows for easy… oh. Nevermind. They’re fake! Fashion fail!

15) Led Zeppelin: Oh dear, another band misprint. Here we have the four clown-faced members of Kiss with the name “Led Zeppelin” written at the bottom. I’m willing to bet Gene Simmons won’t be happy about this!

16) Sea Ttle: Why oh why do designers stagger text on clothes? As we have seen before it just never, ever works. This reads like “Sea Ttle” rather than “Seattle.”  Honestly, who on earth would buy this?

17) It’s Our TIMB: Oh man. This was a nice intention because it was made for someone’s grade school or high school graduation. However, replacing the letter “E” with the number “8” just doesn’t work here.

18) The Wrong Intention: This shirt is trying to have good intentions, but we all know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Case in point: this shirt reads as though it is saying “Don’t be happy, worry.”

19) The Ugliest Boots In the History Of Time: Feet are not pretty. I don’t care if you’re the prettiest foot model who ever lived. I don’t want to see your sweaty hooves. These boots are made with a see-through acrylic because this designer obviously enjoys living in hell. The moisture from the sweaty feet can clearly be seen in this boot which is not a look that works well on anyone.

20) Fake It Till You Make It: Awe man, did you forget to get a pedicure? Don’t worry, these fake-feet sandals have you covered! They even come with a magnificent fake toe ring so you can look both stylish and ritzy. 

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