24 Genius Discoveries The Internet Blessed Us With

Ever saw a picture online and thought: “man, HOW did I ever live without that?” or “wow, WHY didn’t I come up with that before?”. It’s because the Internet was busy doing the work for you, silly! Like a modern-day Prometheus, these online Einsteins have graciously imparted to us mere mortals the fire of knowledge that are these brilliant posts.

Get ready to slap that forehead of yours with jaw-agape disbelief because whether you call it a life hack, a trick or just a straight up good idea.

Here are 24  of the most genius discoveries that have come from the lagoon of learning that is the Internet.

1. Carrying bags up the stairs. This high-rise dweller has a hack for all those who live above the first floor. Lugging those heavy plastic bags up several flights of stairs is tedious and sometimes just downright unmanageable. However, just loop a carabiner around the bag handles and voila! From cumbersome, unwieldy and awkward to efficient, easy, and best of all, genius.

2. PBJ 2.0. Creators of some recent film reboots can tell you that putting a twist on a classic is not always well received, however, this updated version of the lunchtime staple is more than welcome. Why settle for two flavors when you can have nine, asks this dad. Talk about Father of the Year.

3. Being Inclusive. Sick of being left out of all the pictures simply because of the pesky fact that someone has to work the camera? Just follow this family’s example where the issue of who would be excluded was solved by simply holding a mirror to the problem. Always remember folks: Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

4. For the Mexican Food Lovers. As humans, the first instinct one has when eating a Taco is to stuff all that meaty goodness into one’s face and worry about that pesky chewing later. However, that often causes some issues, most notably that the surface you’re eating off of resembles a messy taco salad now. However, instead of getting up and getting a fork like some fancy-pants, use this simple genius discovery to get two tacos for the price of one!

5. Chewbacca, eat your heart out. The hairy-backed gentlemen in the audience will throw their hands up in glee at the idea of finally being able to manscape. Can’t afford a wax and lack another person willing to turn your shaggy reverse into a prickly posterior? A simple back scratcher/razor combo should smooth out that forest of fur.

6. Never go sober again! “Darn!” you think as you realize you don’t have anything to take out a cork “how am I supposed to watch Grey’s Anatomy and pass out without WINE?” Worry not, fellow drinker, as this 2010s era Da Vinci has the solution for your sobriety. Just like a lock: insert, twist and pull.

7. Sweet, Buttery Goodness. Remember awkwardly shaking your bag all over the theatre’s floor and losing half your bag just in the simple pursuit of golden, fatty flavor? This certified genius has found a way to put an end to all that misery and senseless loss.

dillhole73 /u/ Reddit

8. Bespectacled and buoyant. Our glasses-wearing friends need no longer fear the threat of water with this genius idea from 1935. While two pieces of styrofoam slapped onto your specs may look silly, it’s a small price to pay compared to what glasses cost.

9. Orange you glad you learned this genius trick? Nature is so convenient sometimes, isn’t it? Our fruits come with a nice little wrapper too and now thanks to the vision of this genius, it can hold your oranges in a nice little line. Man-made innovation meets nature’s utility in a most a-peeling way here.

Rekordea /u/ Reddit

10. Minimizing bad hair days. Sick of losing bobby pins, not having them when you need them and inevitably stepping on them? End foot pain with a magnetic strip along your favorite drawer and finally keep that wacky hair of yours at bay!

11. Bad Selfies begone! You’re on vacation and want to be the envy of all your friends but can’t seem to take a decent enough selfie. If only you brought your selfie stick, you don’t want to shell out another $25 on another one! Just walk down to the nearest department store, grab yourself a Swiffer Duster and an 0.80 cent pop socket then PRESTO!  A certified, albeit somewhat homely selfie stick.

12. Messy pets kept contained. Like the aforementioned person and the taco, pets also just want to shove food in their mouth and often aren’t bothered by things like “etiquette” or “not making a mess of the floor you LITERALLY just cleaned”. This quick fix keeps your pets from spreading their food everywhere and keeps it where it belongs: in your furry friend’s face.

13. Little Grey Popcorn Hood. So your popcorn is buttered and ready to go until— uh oh! You forgot your strap-on face trough at home! How are you supposed to hold your warm, buttery goodness now? Luckily, this man has got you covered, although we’re not too sure about wearing a buttery hood for the rest of the day.

jigz2k3 /u/ Reddit

14. No more tickets. Distracted driving tickets got you down? Can’t afford a car mount? This easy to do and affordable life hack makes sure you never have to give the government money ever again. For driving with your phone, at least.

15. Out of touch, no longer out of your mind. Once every blue moon, a new innovative mind touches down on earth to revolutionize the way we live. Such a mind had now blessed all clumsy people with the gift of putting off buying a new phone.

16. Who fixes up scratches and bumps on your knee? Wet, sopping bags full of melted ice cubes are a thing of the past with this brilliant breakthrough in DIY ice pack technology. Just freeze an old undersea friend, toss it into a bag and press to the affected area.

17. Two for the price of one. This one seems so simple and yet is so captivating in its simplicity. When ordering a container for moving, order it from Amazon and use the box it comes in as well. Make acquiring the means to move easy and quick with this innovative idea. Eliminate hassle and stress so you can just enjoy your new humble abode.

18. A remote’s beacon. Turn a remote from a black, long cylinder easily lost between couch cushions to a shining yellow bastion of findability. No longer will humans need to scratch our heads in frustrated agony trying to change the channel. Not so great if you have a dog, though.

19. First you lick it, then you twist it… Listen, everyone wants to recover some childhood magic by emulating the Oreo commercial, but as adults people become more refined and realize that slamming one’s fist into some milk is gross, germ-filled, and a good way to get one’s hand stuck. Age with class by using this simple and genius idea.

20. More bang for your buck. Some of us have smaller microwaves than others, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, really! And plus, with this mastermind architect’s design, those of us with less endowed appliances definitely never go hungry again!

21. Get iced, melted cream. The last thing anyone wants after a bout of bad news is to come home with some melted ice cream. Just follow this Redditor’s advice and keep that comfort food the way it should be: as cold as an ex.

22. Feed a cold, starve a fever or just do this.  A random cold can just be the absolute worst. But, there’s nothing better than a hot shower for sickness and this ingenious plan just makes it all the more soothing.

23. A belly full of treats. Everyone knows that movie theater snacks are outrageously overpriced. You probably have a technique for sneaking in your favorite snacks from home (it’s ok, it’s not a crime), but it’s probably not as good as this genius invention.

Facebook Jessica Ruiz Gonzalez

24. The more the merrier! Imagine this scenario: you get to a restaurant with a large group of friends, but the tables only fit 4 people, so you get separated. Well, if the restaurant you’re at has these dividers, guess what? You can pull them down! (Disclaimer: we don’t recommend doing this with total strangers sitting at the next table. That’s just awkward)

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