My ‘Sugar Daddy’ Pays Me $12,000 A Month, And Marriage Is On The Table

The Insider has done an interview on a unique love story between a sugar baby and her sugar daddy. If you’re not familiar with either of these terms; a sugar baby is an individual that is in a romantic relationship and receives cash, gifts or other benefits in exchange for being in the relationship. A sugar daddy/mommy is the individual who is providing the cash/gifts and other benefits to their partner. Crystal Milan, who is 33-years-old, met her boyfriend on and is now in an exclusive relationship with him. Sounds pretty ordinary, but on top of the romance, she receives $12,000 a month from her sugar daddy.

According to the Insider, this is not Crystal’s first experience with this type of relationship agreement. She explains that she has been in the sugar dating scene for almost five years. She adds that she moved to Atlanta to become a producer. But when she realized she wasn’t making the kind of money she thought she would be making, she knew she had to try something different. She had heard about the sugar dating scene and figured she would give it a try. She went into it to find companionship and a potential suitor or husband. In the end, it’s worked out really well for her. She states that she is now in a committed relationship that has also been beneficial for her. Crystal adds: “We talk about marriage a lot, and I think he’s also ready for that when the time is right.”

When you hear about a sugar baby and sugar daddy relationship, you don’t associate it with the word ‘committed.’ But Crystal told the Insider that her current arrangement is with a divorced gentleman who is almost 50-years-old. The Insider reports that Crystal and her boyfriend met two years ago, so their arrangement has changed over time. Crystal mentions that when they first met, her partner was going through his divorce. But after a few months, it became a relationship.

You’re probably wondering what type of arrangement they have. According to the Insider, Crystal has her rent, leftover student loans, gifts and trips all paid for. Crystal also adds that he gives her $12,000 a month for living expenses as well. She has a separate apartment which costs $2,700 a month, and her student loans cost about $2,000 a month.

Crystal considers sugar dating her career, says the Insider. She explains that when she does an initial meeting, it’s usually over drinks to start so she can get to know them better. Then she says if the two decide that they want to continue seeing each other, another casual meeting will be set up. If all goes well on the second meeting, they will engage on the third, according to the Insider. The engaging part is when they discuss arrangements about what will be provided for both parties, Crystal added.

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For those who are not opposed to this sort of lifestyle, Crystal says that if you’re going to be a sugar baby, you better be prepared to go out and eat. She says that you need to be social and enjoy going out for expensive dinners and casual drinks. So basically if you enjoy receiving compensation and traveling the world, then you might have a career in sugar dating.

For people that say this is a superficial relationship, Crystal says that it’s not really different from a regular romantic relationship. Many women want to be pampered and treated like a princess, and that’s basically what is happening with Crystal. She says that the only difference is that she is expected to ask for things. In a regular romantic relationship, if the woman is constantly asking for things, she is seen as superficial and materialistic.

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