Parents Share Photos Of How Much They’ve Changed After Kids And It’s Kinda Sad

Parents Share Photos Of How Much They’ve Changed

#GotToddlered is the latest hashtag trending on Instagram and it’s related to parents everywhere. No one said parenting was easy and there’s a reason!!

Parents took to Instagram to post pictures of their carefree selves before they had children next to an updated picture of themselves post-toddler and it’s hilarious! Say goodbye to those before and after pictures where you actually look good in the after.

Disclaimer: I’m 99% sure these parents still love their children, so let them have this moment to complain and give us all a good laugh in the process!

Look at this smiling woman, casually holding a glass of wine back in 2011 with no idea of what’s to come. I mean, she’s practically glowing! Fast-forward to 2017 and two toddlers later and you have an updated, #GotToddlered version and the result is terrifying. There she is, trying to sip – or maybe gulp – down her full glass of wine while one of her kids almost strangles her. 

Look at this man enjoying football Sunday, he’s so excited he’s literally screaming! Skip ahead to the #GotToddlered photo and there he is, no smile in sight. Is it the Pikachu onesie that’s getting him down, or the fact that he can no longer get a full Browns game in? Looks like he only has time for the highlights now.

The good old days of dressing up on the weekend, hitting a club with your friends and double-fisting alcoholic drinks. The only thing keeping this mom going now is double-fisting those two cups of coffee. I’m guessing what’s in that cup isn’t decaf, either. Someone get this poor woman an espresso, stat!!

On your left, you’ll see a headshot of a clean-shaven, stress-free man dressed up in a suit and tie and showcasing his pearly white smile. Shift your attention over to the right, however, and you’ll see a desperate, scruffy man in a casual blue t-shirt screaming from the pains of parenting. Looks painful.

Does the lady on the left look cool and collected or what? Look at that giant hat, the purple feather boa, those killer sunglasses and the confident pose. Where did she go?! If I didn’t know any better, I would think the woman on the right, the one sporting some type of sombrero, a jean jacket, and pink gloves, lost her Halloween spirit. At least her daughter is dressed up.

We’ve got another double-fister! This lady has no idea what’s coming to her, but we know better now, don’t we? Instead of coffee, this mom is double-carrying her kids. She seems to almost be keeping it together, considering she’s holding a wailing infant. Maybe we should get her some espresso, too.

My, how the times have changed. On your left, you’ll see a happy couple who decided to dress up as Kid Rock and one of his fans for their Halloween costume. One adorable toddler later, and this mom no longer gets to be a part of the cool couple costume. Instead, her Halloween costume solely relies on what makes her toddler happy. Looks like it was a tiger for this little guy.

Once you become a parent those quality selfie days are over. One mom shares this struggle by posting a picture of her getting attacked by her toddler while laying in bed for her #GotToddlered picture. Her nights have definitely taken a turn from the picture on the left and her expression in the next picture sums up how she feels about it.

This is exactly what I look like when I’m watching a scary movie… except I’m actually watching a scary movie, not watching my life fall apart post-kids. If this is only four months in, I’m scared to see what this poor Instagram user will look like in a year or two.

On the left, you’ll see a happy woman smiling at the camera. On the right, a tired mother with a disgruntled look on her face after her toddler almost broke her nose. Who knew kids were even capable of such atrocities? Hopefully, it just ends up being a nosebleed.

Between a toddler and a dog, how does this woman do it? Gone are the days of partying your nights away; it’s just not realistic when you have a baby waking you up at five am. It looks like this Instagram user is passing out for a whole other reason these days.

This woman looks like she’s feeling easy, breezy on a beach somewhere in the photo on the left. She’s bright-eyed and glowing even behind those sunglasses. Then you see the picture on the right and it looks like her kids successfully managed to suck the life out of her. I think she needs another vacation.

Hey parents, remember when you actually had time to get glammed up and – gasp – go out? It might be hard to picture now, but at one point there were actually enough minutes in a day for this woman to treat herself. The picture on the right sums up how many minutes she has now with a toddler in her lap.

The hashtag #GotToddlered started trending because of blogger Mike Julianelle of ‘Dad and Buried’ who posted a before and after picture of himself before and after kids – the after picture being him looking completely miserable. Basically, we all have him to thank for scaring us out of wanting children.

Looks like that dress is another casualty of #GotToddlered. Even though every woman should have that little black dress that makes them feel good, it’s not exactly useful attire when it comes to chasing your kids around the house. This mom will probably be sticking to comfy, casual clothes for now.

The hashtag #GotToddlered isn’t just for parents! Even aunts sometimes get a taste of what it’s like to have kids, like this one here half-asleep on the armchair. The good part about her job though, is that she can give the kid back once the parents get home. That was a close one.

This mom is carrying very different accessories these days. In her before picture, this Instagram user is taking a casual selfie in the mirror. Her accessories include a headband and a statement necklace. In the picture on the right, two years and one toddler later, the woman’s accessories include a baby and a stroller.

This Instagram user shows everyone how much your life changes after you have a baby. She calls the #GotToddlered hashtag “hilarious” and “real” in her caption, and says “here is a look behind the curtain of my not-so-perfect parenting.” She shares an after picture where she looks absolutely exhausted so parents everywhere don’t feel like they’re struggling alone.

This hashtag isn’t only about the jokes. One mother shared a before picture of her making a silly face and an after picture of her making a silly face with her daughter. Instead of sharing a picture where she feels exhausted or runs down, she used the hashtag to say she #wouldntchangeathing and shows she now has a partner-in-crime to make silly faces with.

This mother shows in her after picture that even when she’s trying to do something quick and easy like take a selfie, she can’t help but get interrupted by toddlers running around everywhere. Her Snapchat selfie now features a very flattering foot against her chin thanks to one little baby.

Another funny #GotToddlered, this mom said she wouldn’t trade it for the world. One user posted a picture of her former self partying with friends next to a picture of her cuddled up on the couch with a not-so-excited look on her face. Kids must be pretty great if she’s still choosing the life on the right.

This couple shared their own #GotToddlered entry by using a before picture of just the two of them and an after picture of them with their two children. Seems like quite the handful, but the mother and father of two look just as happy in the after picture as they did in the before. There’s hope for us yet!

According to this person’s #GotToddlered, life before a toddler includes classy trips to a vineyard and casual photos posing seductively on barrels full of wine. Life after a toddler includes pictures taken from home (where else?), and a mother of two funnelling wine out of a box. If that doesn’t get you excited about parenthood…

These parents wanted to do the #GotToddlered challenge after relating to parents everywhere while staying up with their sick, feverish toddler all night. They’re before the photo is a candid picture of them enjoying a night out and their after picture features an angry, restless toddler and their exhausted expressions.

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