Mother Of Four Found Frozen On Winnipeg Street

A mother was found frozen on a Winnipeg street. Police say a frozen body was found in the city on December 28th. It has not been officially released who exactly the person is. Police have also not released information on where the body was found. However, CTV Winnipeg spoke to family members, and they have identified the deceased as a 29-year-old, mother of four, Windy Sinclair.

Sinclair’s four kids are between the ages of four and 11 and she is said to have been struggling with a methamphetamine addiction. Her mother is furious with the Winnipeg hospital. She told local news that her daughter was supposed to be laying in the hospital and has no idea how her daughter’s body ended up frozen behind an apartment building. Eleanor Sinclair said, “I’m really, really angry right now at the hospital that failed to keep her safe”.

The mother told CTV Winnipeg that her daughter, Windy, was found dead just days after she was taken to Seven Oaks Hospital by ambulance on Christmas Day and went missing shortly thereafter. According to reports, the Winnipeg police were called to the area of the 300 block of Furby, south of Portage Avenue. They went there after getting a call around 8 a.m. local time Thursday, December 28th.

Once Police got there, they found a body that was found completely frozen near a shed behind an apartment block. They remained at the scene for a few days. According to a witness who spoke to CBC News, the area was surrounded by a tarp and heater, which were used to warm the area because the person was frozen to the ground. The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is investigating and hopes to meet with the family of the mother of four.

There is no idea why exactly Windy had travelled to Furby Street. According to reports, Winnipeg has been experiencing extremely cold temperatures and several extreme cold alerts. At the time of Windy’s hospital visit, Winnipeg was experiencing low temperatures that were between minus 28.4 and minus 32.1 degrees.

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority released a statement regarding the mother of four, on behalf of its CEO, Real Cloutier. They noted, “We are saddened to hear about the loss this family has experienced and have reached out to them directly to share our condolences. We have offered to meet with them to share details of their daughter’s care and will do so in the near future”.

The mother of four had a serious drug problem and her mother is furious with the hospital, not understanding how they could just let her daughter wander off. She told news reports, “When she was clearly impaired, she was incoherent, she was hallucinating, she was talking to herself. You wouldn’t leave anybody like that, you would make sure that they are kept an eye on for their own safety as well as the safety of others”.

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