12 People Who Lied And Promptly Got Called Out

Lying is surely never the right thing to do. Whether it seems like the appropriate decision at the given moment or not, sooner or later, it’ll result in a guilty conscience, or the truth surfacing. A verbal lie, if any, is easier to get away with, but when it comes to lying on social media, you better beware. With the modern online resources we have and the convenient tools of screenshots, people have been exposed and put on display time and time again for their silly fibs.

Today, we dig into the depths of the web, to show you the consequences of lying on the internet. Nobody is safe out there, in the unforgiving online world. When you lie online, you will more than likely be called out on it by someone, somewhere.

Take a look at this humorous compilation of the web’s worst liars, who had no idea what was coming. This should serve as a friendly reminder to those who plan to lie behind their screens, and exactly how justice can be served.  

1. Here, we have a classic text conversation, in which a loved one is checking up on the other. When asked what they’re doing, they innocently let their partner know that they are heading to bed, and really tired. Little did they know, that their partner was right behind them, standing at the exact club they were at that evening.

2. Funny enough, it isn’t only individuals who decided to take the route of lying on the internet. In this photo, we have a magazine itself, who decided to post a picture of a fit male, saying that there’s no better way to to get in shape than preparing for a triathlon. To their surprise, the man himself called them out on Twitter, saying it’s him, and that is, in fact, not true.

3. Even when someone is posting something sentimental, the savages of the interweb have no forgiveness. A girl took to the internet to share a loving post, claiming that she and her boyfriend visited Paris, and put a lock on the famous bridge as a symbolic gesture of their love. Before she knew it, she was quickly exposed, when someone pointed out that the bridge in the photo was in fact situated in Australia.

4. In this photo, we have a girl who posted a side-by-side image of her, and what is ‘supposed’ to be her grandmother. She clearly must’ve forgotten that in this day and age, where millions of people use filters for their own images, they would catch on and expose it immediately.

5. When it comes to being vegan, people can be pretty passionate about it, especially when it comes to announcing it on social media. This particular individual, however, wasn’t exactly genuine about it. Upon posting a prideful status of her decision to become vegan, and her stance against animal cruelty, she was quickly exposed by her friend who stated that she had just today ordered a half chicken and half steak Chipotle bowl.

6. Often times, people post things online without giving credit and claiming them as their own work. In this particular case, someone posted a drawing that they claim to have made themselves, before getting exposed by a direct link from Google of the original artist. Ouch.

7. People have cried for attention on social media in an infinite amount of ways. In this screenshot, we see someone posting a Facebook status of allegedly being scared, as someone is trying to break in. Naturally, people commented, wondering why she posted a status instead of calling the police. When she replied, claiming she couldn’t get to her phone, the lie was quickly dismissed when Facebook itself exposed her for posting ‘via mobile’.

8. Social media has been a go-to platform for flaunting your own success and the life you live. For some, they are more honest than others. In this case, when an individual tried to tell their story of perseverance, and how it led to buying their dream car in cash, they were quickly dismissed by a Google image that was identical to the one they posted

9. When it comes to finals at school, it has been a big topic for students to post about. For some off reason, this student decided to flaunt about not studying, while directly studying in front of their peers.  

10. Surprisingly, it isn’t only the ordinary citizens of the world who lie on social media. Here, we see singer Sam Smith expose his own self after saying he couldn’t see fans after the show when in reality he tweeted about the blast he had at a karaoke bar.

11. The internet has long been a platform for selling personal goods. In many cases, people lie to increase the chances of the sale. Here, we have an individual promising a never worn pair of shades, when he is clearly wearing them in his own profile picture.

12. Finally, we have an individual hungry for attention, and claiming to have run into celebrity Harry Styles, in which they took their money and left at a baseball game. Harry Styles himself was quick to dismiss it, stating he was never at the game, to begin with.

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