Rare Photo Of A Young Prince Philip Definitely Proves That Prince Harry Is His Grandson

Rare Photo Of A Young Prince Philip Definitely Proves That Prince Harry Is His GrandsonGetty / Chris Jackson

Regardless if you follow the Royal Family or not, everyone knows that there’s been a huge mystery surrounding who the heck Prince Harry looks like. I mean, besides the ginger hair, no one really seems to understand which Royal Family member he came from. His mom? His dad? People have been trying to solve this mystery for a while now.

It’s obvious that Prince William looks a lot like his mother, the late Princess Diana. But Prince Harry? It’s remained pretty unclear. Well, it looks like this mystery might just be put to rest because a rare photo of Prince Philip has appeared, and the internet is pretty shocked at the uncanny resemblance between the two!

Chris Jackson is a royal photographer who may have solved the ongoing mystery about where the red-headed prince gets his looks from. It turns out Paris Match, an old-school magazine, holds all the answers to the number of questions fans have regarding Prince Harry’s appearance.

The royal photographer shared a photo of a 1957 edition of Paris Match on his Instagram page. The cover of the magazine featured a certain bearded member of the Royal Family.

The bearded image of Prince Philip showcases an obvious and crazy resemblance to his grandson, Prince Harry. Prince Philip is known to be the longest-serving royal consort, standing by the side of Queen Elizabeth II since the two married in 1947.

It’s been known that the two met when Queen Elizabeth II was only 13-years-old and Prince Philip was serving his country. Prince Philip served with the Mediterranean and Pacific fleets during the Second World War.

Biography.com notes that once Prince Philip got the OK to marry the future Queen of England, he left his previous life behind (his Greek and Danish royal titles) to become one with the Brits. Eventually, the two married and had four kids together. They now have eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Photographer Chris Jackson posted a photo of the cover of the old magazine on his Instagram page, captioning the photo ‘Just spotted this handsome chap on the front of an ancient copy of @parismatch_magazine in deepest, darkest France – who do you think it is?!’ Upon first glance of the cover, Prince Philip looks pretty much identical to Prince Harry.

Everyone was pretty shocked at the similarities between the young Prince Philip, who was apparently 36 years old in the photo, and his 32-year-old grandson, Prince Harry. From the ginger-colored hair to the blue eyes, to the smirk, it’s pretty freaky how much these two resemble each other!

The cover of the magazine features the Duke of Edinburgh in his navy uniform and a full red beard, something we don’t see these days on the always clean-shaven Prince Philip. But it’s definitely the scruff that makes these two look even more identical!

People couldn’t hold back and decided to comment on the rare photo, arguing over whether or not the two actually look alike. Instagram user @jjnesy_8334 wrote, ‘No wonder the Queen is so fond of Harry. He reminds her of her husband, Prince Philip.’ Looking at the two, do you think they look alike? Do you think this photo puts the mystery to rest? I think so!

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